Wife's mom

I got up yesterday morning and sat in the kitchen with my wife's mom while she was cooking, and preping for a family gathering, I kept checking her out, She is 57 but doesn't look it, Just an average body, Short, Reasonably slim, small chested. She was wearing a pair of workout pants or whatever you call them, Stretchy greyish capri's and a t-shirt.
Every time she would bend over her pants would get see through and I could tell she had on a thong, 57 and wearing thongs...Hmmm. We chatted and carried on as she continued preparing food and when she leaned way over I leaned over a bit also and could completely see the outline of her p**** lips through her pants and black thong and could totally see the skin of her round little bum cheeks through her pants.
She looked back to say something and I got caught looking and she totally knew exactly what I was looking at because she changed the direction her bum was pointing. After everything was ready she went and showered and came back in just her housecoat and I did everything I could to get a peek at anything I could and she puttered around checking stuff. I got a quick, Very quick like 1 second flash from the side confirming that she has a fuzzy bush, Curly black hair and she never caught me looking at that but...I could totally see her nips sticking out as she did her thing and they showed right through her housecoat, I was sneaking a glance at them once in a while and could tell they weren't like big fat nips just little pointy ones.
She got done checking her stuff and poured a coffee then set it down on the counter and said "Pffffff, So much to do" and stood sideways to me, I could totally see right in her housecoat and I was right, I could see her whole left b*** and...it wasn't bad at all. Small but not all wrinkly and saggy, Just hung a bit like you would expect maybe a...30 year old b*** to look like. My wife and her mom are built a bit different and my wife is a bit chubbier than her mom and has bigger b**** but saggier. anyway she is standing there and I am peeking when possible and then she turns and looks at the timer on the stove and I was staring right at her tiny little nip, Like tiny, Maybe areolae the size of a dime and a tiny little rock hard nip standing up.
She turned her head and I seen her out of the corner of my eye but didn't react fast enough and she looked down, Sucked her chest in and folded her housecoat tighter, Looked at me and pursed her lips to the side then scoweld at me and cleared her throat, Before she could say anything I said "Sorry...Sorry" She shook her head no and said "Iiiitttt's ok, I know how men are...I'm married to one, I know they can't resist if it's right there", She said "you should go get ready", I nodded and stared at the ceiling, She said "Oh sorry" and turned her back and said "Maybe a cold shower too" and I adjusted myself then got up and left and I am quite sure she was peeking as I did.
Nothing else was said and I don't think anything will be thank goodness.

Jul 7, 2020

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