I feel like I'm being technologicaly spied on

When I'm using my computer, I always feel like I'm being tracked somehow. I'm almost certain my parents respect my privacy, but whenever I'm alone at night using the computer, I get all scared, because I always imagine my parents pulling up a screen on my dad's computer showing this computer screen. Or some keylogger is copying down everything I'm typing. It's not like I'm doing anything on the computer that I shouldn't be, but imagine if you're one of those people who feel upset if - say - your little brother is looking over your shoulder to the computer screen to see exactly what your doing. Now, take that feeling, and imagine if someone is seeing clearly and exactly everything your doing. Is this like a sick feeling like you get if someone's breaking a promise behind your back? Or am I being paranoid?

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  • Until recently, people would think you were paranoid and crazy if you thought your online activities were being tracked. They backed away slowly if you said your refrigerator was watching you. And now not only is that all true, but people kick down crazy amounts of money to have Alexa or Siri listen to everything they say. One minute the belief in constant surveillance is a fringe theory, the next the sheeple are happily lining up to buy the newest device that will spy on them. And we are on the fast track to Gattaca on top of that, so enjoy having everything about you monitored for someone else's advantage. You retards seem to desperately want that, have fun!

  • This feeling about computers is more common than you know. Do not worry about the computer but NEVER give out personal or financial detais. If you are silly enough to do so THEN you will encounter problems beyond your imagination.

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