I can’t be bothered dating

I’ve been single for 5 years, I have had fuckbuddies, fwb and random fun 8n that time. But in the last year or so I’ve started to feel the need to be with someone.

My issue isn’t commitment, I’d happily meet a girl and have a long term relationship, but the problem is I’m a s** addict. I don’t do drugs, smoke and rarely drink. I’m a fitness nit who loves to run, I’m nerdy, friendly and take my career seriously and professionally.

Yet my biggest vice is how kinky, dirty minded and sexually f***** up I am. I love p***, Masturbating, toys and group s**. I’m into taboo like things and when I c** it’s amazing.

Unfortunately women don’t like that. It makes it really hard to date. I care more about a woman’s sexual history than her career, it doesn’t mean I don’t care, it just means I’m not as concerned. Whatever she did I would support her. The really f***** up thing is I need a girl who’s a s***, a proper kinky s*** who loves f****** other men. I love it, I love the notion of her going out on dates with men we’ve chosen and setting it up. I want to sit at home and m********* to her sending me pics, texts and videos of her on her date. I want her to come home smelling of c**, her panties missing and while we f*** she tells me what he did to her. I would love her so much and c** so hard.

I need a girl who needs to c** so she can function as a human being. Loves to look good for men and knows it. Someone who I can spend quality time with, yet share her at the same time. We’d both love our family and hide our true nature, I want people to think we are a lovely couple, but have no clue.

It’s difficult because I know most people don’t categorise s** as important. Things like trust, honesty and compassion are important. But when I meet women I know they looking for a romantic partner, I’m Just not that guy. I’m the guy who will hate f*** you and make you cry, but watch Disney movies with after. Take you out on dates, yet make you take my c*** hard. I need someone who loves to make a man c** too.

But most importantly effort and energy, I’ve never really had it except for one. I need someone who’s full of beans and loves to f***, I hate being the only one wanting it, I need someone who craves it as much as me.

I think the biggest fear I have is a sexless relationship and silence. I’m an introvert and someone who’s angry at me and gives me the silent treatment or is distant and makes excuses scares me. I love attention especially from my partner and if I’m not on the top of her list like she is for me it scares me.

I need the kind of girl who loves it when I call her a w****, but tells her I love her at the same time.

Jul 13, 2020

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  • I too love to have s** but it is hard to find a girl that is willing to do things you have mentioned. I have been with my wife since 21 and now we are 37 is s** is like boring as f***.

  • I feel ya... when I’m in a relationship with a guy i start off as shy which they dislike bc they want a freak but my shyness is only a disguise bc in reality I’m the type of girl that loves to be f***** no matter where it is and who it’s with... I love the idea of having s** in public... I have my moments where I love to be the dominant one but I love being dominated more... I love being choked and groped especially in public... I love to walk around in public with no panties on and tease guys... guys that have dated me see how freaky I am but can never handle it after begging for it, pathetic.

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