I'm Concerned that My Dad is a Creep

19 year old male

I'm concerned about my relationship with my father. When I was 17 he gave me two big wet kisses on the neck with my mom 8 feet away (on her phone) and I ran away panicing that my dad was the first person to give me a love bite instead of a pretty blond girl. To this day I hate the kissing sound. He's kissed me on the next a few more times since then and I yelled at him to stop (mom witnessed it.) He's also rubbed his crotch up against me a few times which is very weird.

He's also stroked my feet a few times or just holds them, but stopped when i freak out. My sister said that he's kissed her feet before. I have no idea what the f*** to do. This has happened very rarely over the last 4 years.

I'll never bring this up with my mom or my theropist. I told my theropist under any circumstance. What do you all think?

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