My wife always wearing revealing dresses in public is really trou

Don't get me wrong. I love my wife and I totally support how she wants to live her life and what she wants to wear.

But sometimes it's just too much. Yesterday when my friends where at our place she just came out of her room in tank top and very short skirt. And on top of that she purposely jumped a little bit three times for no reason, her skirt literally flew up and we all saw her panties.

And last month when we went out for first time after few months of lockdown, she wore a very tiny black dress. She never showed that much cleavage before.

I know she's not cheating on me because she's very submissive in bed. I always spank her and call her names or tell her to walk like a puppy. She does that and our s** life is great just as it was before marriage.

I don;'t know if this lockdown just made her crave for attention or she's intentionally trying to show her off.

Jul 31, 2020

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