I think my father might be attracted to me.

I have caught him looking at my ass two times in the past few months. I am male, and not of legal age (14), and he is married to my mother, though they fight a lot, I should add. Both of the times I caught him looking, I never made a fuss out of it, as they both happened during dinner time on separate occasions. My brother, mother and grandmother were there so I didn’t wanna make a situation. Besides, I’m a bit of a p**** anyway so saying something would be super hard. But the first time I caught him, I made direct eye contact. So he knows. That means, he disregarded the fact that I caught him knowingly the first time, only to do it again. Since these two incidents, I find being in a room alone with him uncomfortable... so I usually avoid him if it’s just the two of us alone. I’m not scared of him, per se, as he’s never abused me in any way, never even spanked me when I was young. I hope that this situation doesn’t go further - I don’t think it will anyway. We’ll see.

If you have advice or anything, I’d like to hear. Maybe I’ll check back once and awhile.

Aug 5, 2020

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