Better than best friends

My best friend was 10 years older than me.. after around 2 years of being comfortable around each other.. I'll call him tim but Tim USTA always have a gay retort to things.. after knowing him over 5 years I hit rock bottom and his dad let me move in... "My buddies dad was in a horrible wreck and he took care of the house till his dad can home". anyways I moved in and the gay retorts got worse and worse.
Seriously like his d*** along his thigh was noticable with him running his hand down it or spreading his legs apart, saying "man I'd really like a nice jowjob as he'd look my way and grope his crotch...
Finally I got really drunk with him, and his dad was gone for the weekend.. we got high played video games got even higher as we had a few stout drinks.. we took a smoke break but as Tim stood up so did his c***, totally watching me stare he remarks,"want a cigarette before or after." Smiling as I watch him adjust into his waist band..
So we're outside smoking as usual, but I'm totally thinking about Tim's c***, I'm not attracted to guys by any means but for some reason, maybe I was extremely high and drunk and just curious, Bitting my tongue while we smoked...
We went to play another round but as we were setting it up Tim opened his legs ,(wearing tight PJs) while saying man I'm getting really bored as he caressed his thigh. Totally showing he was wei excited..
I was in aw totally starring at his large c*** bulging down his thigh, I couldn't look away...
I could only ask how long his dad was going to be gone for..
Why he asked, as he ran his hand down his bulge as he opened his legs more, anything you want to do he asked.. (groping himself).

I'll lock the doors while you pull that out as I glanced down back at his bulge.
I locked the door after our cigarette break
he lifted up his waist and pulled down his PJs and his limpish 6 inches flopped around..

I couldn't believe it I never seen another d*** in person.. oh and Tim was definitely longer but not so thick. Coming out of shock it felt like I felt my mouth start filling up with saliva, I slowly got up and shut off the lights, then knelt down between his legs. Shut my eyes and reached down his thighs grasping his c*** and pulled my face down and around his c***.. making out with the tip then almost gagging trying to take it all, slowly working up pulling his extra skin over the tip Rollin my tongue between his uncut skin and tip of his c*** feeling him pulse I dove down... Bobbing fast knowing that he is about to c**. I slowed down but as I sucked up to the tip, boom a large qarm shot of c** filled my mouth. I deepthroated him the best I could, another 4 larger deposits thankfully shot down my throat... I made sure like my girlfriend and licked up any mess and swallowed the evidence..

Aug 8, 2020

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  • My brother f*** me most night bareback and I suck him and swallow

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