Whats got into me?

For some reason lately I have started to believe that my children were fathered by other men. They haven t ever looked like me but my wifes always said they are mine. I keep thinking I should get secret DNA tests. But if they prove out not mine then what? I only have suspicion about who the real fathers might really be. I think they are three men she always flirt with. I even think one is probally maybe my boss. I even think one time she came to visit me at work and went his office while I was busy and blew him and ** him and I think they could be planning another baby. I don't understand why I'm thinking these things. I even think she s doing a friend of mine.

Next Confession

To the s o b who posted about the lgbtq

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  • Seriously? You can't look your woman in the eye and tell her your concerns? A sane person would divorce immediately. Fortunately for you there are dozens of daytime TV shows for this kind of nonsense. Try Maury Povitch or Lauren Lake's Paternity Court. Relationships need honesty-- even if it means parting-- and if YOU are not up to it there's no chance your woman will be.

  • Lucky you, but tell her to get on the pill or you get a vasectomy.

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