Our neighbor is a yoga instructor. She is from India and is very, very flexible. During CoViD she has been holding classes in our backyard around our pool and has invited several neighbors. It’s been an amazing experience. She has really improved my flexibility and I feel soo much better. I’ve been trying to get my husband to attend the class as some of the other husbands have but he has refused.

Preeti the neighbor / instructor is in her late twenties and has 2 children. My hubby told me that yoga was not a real means of working out and why would he want to take a class from someone that is 20 years younger than himself and not to mention she can’t even speak English as her accent is too thick.

Well last week I came back from running some errands and a learned the real reason why he refused to take the class. Preeti and he were in the living room she was in a yoga position nude and my hubby was f****** her. I should have been upset but I was amazed by the position of her body and how she was taking a pounding from my husbands 8.5 inch c***. She is a tiny little lady but wow he was b**** deep. Her moans were sooo arousing. I sat down and watched while I fondled my p**** through my yoga pants.

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