I think I hate my boyfriend's guts...

A relationship is suppose to be two ways and I was soooOooOooOoooOoooOo in love that I didn't even realize that I'm a F****** I N G slave to this man. I did not notice it until I started working on myself. I do everything for him. Literally. And he does nothing in return or to even help out now that I think about it. He don't do s***....

I talked to him about this before and he claimed he understand and he will put more effort into us . Lasted a few weeks and went right back to normal.

Now I'm just looking at him like.... Wow I think I actually really f****** hate you now. Not a team player at all.🤣🤣🤣🤣

I guess i loved him and he just enjoys me. Hahahahahhahajahahahahhahahaha


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  • I hope you already broke up with him he doesn't sound worth your time

  • You "guess" you loved him? Now you "think" you hate him"? Not exactly Shakespeare is it?

  • Girl same I do everything and pay for everything and he can't do the most simplest thing for me. I resent his ass and wanna see him on fire

  • Sorry we were supposed to laugh?

  • Why do you think your suppose to laugh. She clearly laugh crying her pain

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