My sister showed me what her and her boyfriend you'd to do

One day me and my sister was walking home from school . She told me she had to show me some . I followed her and she lead my behind a 7 11 store back behind the trash bins . There was a old desk setting back there that had been thrown out year's ago but never got in the trash . She removed her pants and underwear and sat down on the desk . She she thin said come on brow before someone spots us. I walked over to her and ask what she was doing . She unzipped my pants pulling out my rock hard d*** . She smiled and said see it's ready for its wet baby sister . I wasn't sure what to do so I shoved it in . She was really wet so it went right in . At first it was a bit wearied to look at her while having s**. Soon she had her legs around me and I was holding her up Wich made it go deeper . It felt so good I was over her being my sister and I was lost in her sexy blue eyes . Soon I felt my c** pumping deep inside of her . After we had a second to breath my sister said brother u wasn't supposed to buy it . Thin she kissed me and said brother l love you but baby sis was not on the pill . As we was leaving she wispered in my ear some has a new girlfriend and kissed me .

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  • Learn to write and stop with the fake stories. God you are pathetic.

  • Do it at home ... it is safer there when your parents are not around!!

  • Gotta love them fantacy stories. Tips for next time. Real life people are a lot more awkward. Also no one calls thier siblings "broher/sister" like they do in p***.

  • You fuckking idiot no one is gullible to believe your fake non sense. Everyone recognise your writing style. How much cussings you need jackas s stand on a railway track and wait there till it chops you into pieces.

  • Thank you I keep telling this idiot to stand on the tracks and wait. For the writer of this story. Go stand on the train tracks and wait.

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