Girlfriend is more masculine than me

Not to say she acts like a man, but I'm 5'10 and my girlfriend is 6'1. With heels she towers over me. She has long legs too so if she walks fast I struggle to keep up. On that topic, I'm men's size 9, and is women's 11 so about the same. Her Feet make my d*** look like a nipple when doing foot jobs.

And on that top, I of course have a minuscule p****. A proud 5.5 inches when hard. Thankfully I work hard and we both enjoy s**, she teases me about it which I kinda like. But she has big hands, much bigger than mine, so big that she can fully cover my d*** with just one hand. Sometimes she refuses to let me c** during s** and instead gives me a hanjob with the most wildest small d*** humiliation commentary as she sometimes wanks me off and I never see my d***.

And yesterday she bought a strapon as she really wanted to try pegging. So last night I watched in our mirrored closet door, my taller, somewhat muscular toned girlfriend bend me over and f*** me in my ass. I looked so small in comparison to her. Her 8 inch strapon really suits her height and build, but only half made its way inside me. I guess I'm now her b****.

Aug 26, 2020

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  • I wish my wife would make me her b****. Go with it I'm sure you'll love it. She's the man of your house now

  • My d*** is big

  • The thing she is happy for me to take lead and wear the trousers generally, it's just she is bigger and stronger than me. She's tall and slim, very well proportioned, but that makes me look small in comparison. The pegging is a new thing. We tried it again last night, she reached around and started wanking me, her big hands hiding my d*** completely and I went all submissive and asked her to f*** me harder and deeper. She loved it and put it all in me. Before I came, she pulled out, took the condom off it and she made me suck it, I obliged and she orgasmed with the excitement. Then she sucked off. We both couldn't get over the o******. She wore the strapon all night making me hold it and stroke it telling me she has the biggest d*** in the house while wanking me off. Mind blowing stuff.

  • You could wear one of those gel masturbation sleeves over your c*** and f*** her.

  • We did try one but she didn't like the feel. I make her c** most times we have s**, if not I'll finish her off with my tongue.

    Right now she is enjoying being dominant, she wears 8 inch platforms in the bedroom so she is nearly 1 ft taller than me. She has such long legs that her p**** and strapon are almost my chest.

    Last night she put a condom in my mouth and made me put it on the strapon, then she made me lube it up. She lay me on my back and stared into my eyes as she started to push the strapon against my ass. As she slid it in so so slowly she told me that I had permission to fight her off me, get on top of her and f*** her. So I let her slide it mostly in and as I tried to get up she pinned me down to the bed. She pushed it all in and I just couldn't break free, she had me pinned down, she the starter f****** me, staring directly in my eyes, calling me a loser, telling me I'm not man enough, it was humiliating but so hot, my taller stronger girlfriend pinned me down, f****** me like she owned me. She only let go off my arm to j*** me off and I shot everywhere, all over the bed, my face, etc. She then flipped me over, kept pounding me while she put her vibrator inside her and came f****** me. I then f***** while she kept humiliating me until we both can again. We agreed it's the best night we ever had.

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