My mature neighbor

A couple months back I was outside having a smoke on my steps. It was dark out and where I sat was basically in the shadows. My neighbor, a semi attractive 50 something year old came outside to walk her dog as she normally does. Her husband is always gone on work related things and that evening I noticed his car was gone and my girlfriend was out with friends.
I happened to be wearing some thin, baggy shorts. The kind that if I sat with my leg up it would expose my p****. seeing I was just running outside for a quick smoke and not really going out in public I didn't see a problem wearing them.
So, there I sat enjoying my smoke. I could feel my c o c k was half hard and yet my head was nearly sticking out of my shorts. That's when I noticed my neighbor coming outside to walk her dog. I pretended not to see her and wanted to give her and her dog their moment, but she noticed me and said hello. I waved, said hi and turned my head looking down the street.
At that moment something just clicked and I thought to myself - my hog is possibly in plain sight for her to see if she is standing in the right spot. I didn't care and it actually turned me on thinking about it. Within seconds I was hard as a rock, fully erect. My co ck was now peaking out of those shorts and just 30 feet or so from that hot mature neighbor.
It's then I looked over at her with a side glance. She was just standing there motionless. I slowly looked over, not fully, but enough to catch what she was doing. She was looking my way and not just randomly, but staring at me looking down inside my shorts. My co ck was so hard it began to pulsate and it made the material of my shorts rise up and down. I looked over at her. Her mouth was open, she was smiling and now totally ignoring her dog as it attempted to pull her to the side to pee. Even still I didn't fully make eye contact. I made it not so obvious and would play it off as I didn't know my co ck was out. She stood there for nearly a half a minute and I know I heard her at one point whisper "Oh my God" and out of the corner of my eye saw her fondle one of her b****** briefly.
Just the thought of her watching me, seeing my exposed hog turned me on so much. I slowly pulled my shorts up a bit more and now my huge, erect co ck came out fully. It pulsated and stuck out of my shorts in plain sight. I pretended to flick an ash as I leaned to the side making it the reason it came out like that. The whole time I saw her just standing there fixated on my junk.
I turned back and we locked eyes. she was totally looking down like almost in a daze. I looked down at my huge coc k which hung out beautifully and pretended I just noticed. I let out a quick whoops and shoved it back in pretending I didn't think she noticed.
Then I hear her saw "what a beautiful sight". I looked over and asked what?
The night, she said, the stars ... I could tell she wasn't talking about that and she knew I knew. I laughed as I watched her turn and bring her dog inside.

Sep 3, 2020

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  • Wow! You should have offered her a ride

  • I am going to see how this goes. I wanted to test the waters. Really not into cheating physically on my GF so unless she walks up and goes down on me that's about it. Maybe she'll pay me the favor and accidentally lose her shirt or dress walking that dog? Haha

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