Narcissist/Sociopath here. How are you?

I've tried to be like you, caring and compassionate. But is is not in me. I have loyalties, and 2 people I want to be happy, but to the rest of them, and you, I'm faking it. I only care about people in so much as they can give me what I want. I pretend to get emotional when I'm not, and I watch the reactions of people around me to see if they are buying it...and they always do. I am very good looking, I am confident (or appear to be when I'm not), I am talented, I have a wide range of knowledge on human nature...and all of those traits make me very attractive to people. I give great advice on life and how to correctly handle problems- precisely because I am incapable of being emotionally involved. So that's actually a good thing for you. Unless I want to f*** you. Then I'll twist your head up so bad that you will be my f*** buddy in no time..until I get bored of you, and I always will, and throw you away. But don't worry, I'll keep dangling the carrot in case I get the inkling to stick my d*** in you again, then I'll turn on the charm and have you swallowing my load in no time. I can convince to cheat on your boyfriend/husband, and make you think it's your idea, and that you are empowering yourself with this affair, when really you are f****** over the only people that have your back. I have not only read Sun Zu's Art of War and incorporated it into my daily life, I am the Art of War. Good luck.

Sep 11, 2020

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