I fantasize about my wife getting felt up

I would love to watch (or hear about) my wife get felt up. Whether a friend at our house, stranger at a club, stripper at bachelorette party, or happy ending massage. Thinking about her getting some light sexual fun is a huge turn on for me.

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  • I left my wife alone in a booth at a crowded pub as I went to the bar. I was gone a long time & on the way back I seen a guy sitting in our booth, chatting to my wife, he has an arm around her shoulders resting on the top of the booth. Sitting very close, touching he puts his hand on her leg, then slides up to her stomach, then b**** & then undoes a couple of buttons on her top, slips it inside her top & groping her t***. He then leaves her t*** which are basically ecposed now & reaches a hand straight up her skirt & fingers her to o*****. My wife returns the favour by wanking him right there. I return after he leaves & she says nothing but has c** on her dress.


    should have started with 'Once upon a time'

  • Me too. While in crowded area I do allow her to enjoy the groping by strangers and I could imagine her v***** pulsing for more touches.

  • Yeah right, there is just a long line of "strangers" just waiting to grope people.

    What exactly is the magic signal for the gropers to be aware that you wish to be gropped?

    Are all pub goers gropers?

  • Would like to hear more stories we could share stories if you like? nelettie@gmail.com

  • Many married guys have the same fantasy. I know i do.
    The thought of seeing my wife being intimate with another man never fails to arouse me. Any man, any time, anywhere....bringing her to an earth shattering climax.

  • It’s a pretty common fantasy. I think as husbands we view our wives as our possessions....and it’s thrilling knowing we have what we have and others can’t, if that makes sense.

    We met two couples on vacation a few years ago and the two guys ogled my wife the whole trip. Their wives were nothing like mine to look at....and my wife wasn’t afraid to dress a little more daring on vacation. She knew they were watching and she knew I loved it. We f***** like rabbits the entire trip.

  • I blame my husband. He gropes and fondles me whenever he can. Public, private, in front of friends or family he'll just reach out and grab a part of me. Anyway, we were at a concert and he kept feeling me up. I didn't mind, but then he started to finger me. I was shocked and looked at him, then froze. He had both of his hands in front of him. I quickly reached back and grabbed the guys wrist. I meant to yank him away as I whipped around to identify my attacker but right then I started to feel REALLY aroused. I held onto his wrist until I orgasmed. I wanted to turn around but by now I feared my husband figuring something out and a fight happening. Maybe a divorce too. I guess the guys around him took my actions as approval because the rest of the concert I was getting grabbed and fingered. It stopped only after I started swatting and pinching the hands as I felt them. I was aroused, sore and flushed when we left. It didn't stop me from jumping my husband when we got home

  • Some guys f***** my wife at a concert

  • Understand, several years ago we stopped at a bar in a not so good part of town where we never were before. My wife wanted to feed the jukebox and a guy at the next table said he would pay and my wife could choose the music, she was fairly drunk. She and the guy plus 2 of his friends went to the jukebox, some distance away. She bend over slightly to pick out music and push the buttons. The three guys surrounded her and in no time their hands were everywhere, over her ass, between her thighs from the back and all over her titts. Nether she nor I ever mentioned the incident.

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