Update on my Boyfriend

Update: I posted on here last week about my bf who still loves his blankey and stuffed animal. My cousin, who’s an abuse councilor, says he’s a saint.

I love it when a man buys me dinner then goes home and pulls my hair as we do it, but that’s not who he is. Yesterday I was sleeping over at his house and when he was tucking us in, he wrapped his blankey around us. Then he whispered in my ear “tomorrow I’m going to make you warm fresh bread.”

I replied to him “I want your big p***s instead.” I thought about how much my ex wanted to do it, then I remembered that’s all that my ex wanted. He replied “Sunshine, my sister and her friends are in the other room, some other time.”

It’s hard when a man who’s absolutely incredible in bed just wants to cuddle with his blankey.

He then stroked my hair and called me “my blue-eyed-blondie.” Then I remembered that this person truly loves me and isn’t afraid to be volnrible around me. The thought made my heart melt. Thank you guys for helping me realize that. I want to marry him and have babies (he said he really wants kids as an adult).

He’s an amazing cook, and cooks for me a lot, but I’ve tried so hard to loose weight. I used to go to the gym 5 days a week and quit my job at the bakery to stop eating free cupcakes. It’s frustrating.

I want to be really skinny but he doesn’t support that. It’s hard because I want to be skinny, even though I shouldn’t be.

That bread was really f*****g though.

Sep 17, 2020

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  • Dude you are gay

  • I’m a female and he’s a male

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