My 1st Girl Girl experience

I was 20 and attending a college football game with some friends. We had booked a hotel room near stadium and began our pregame tailgate party early. I was rooming with a friend I will call Nancy. She was always flirtatious and bubbly, not to mention very attractive and what I would call 'mysterious".

About halftime at game we decided we saw enough and walked back to the hotel to freshen up for that night. I was first to get in the shower and was washing when Nancy came into bathroom, totally nude and was standing by the mirror . It was then I glanced over and saw her sexy round bum and "landing strip" brown pubic hair.

Nancy tapped on the shower door and asked to borrow a washcloth, as I opened the door she kind of playfully smacked my ass and giggled. At that moment a wave of sensual pleasure raced up my loins and my v***** tingled with excitement.
I handed her the washcloth and she smiled wryly and said well lets save water and shower together. I didn't even hesitate. Nancy stepped into the shower and soaped up her body, then asked me to do her back for her. I grabbed the facecloth and rubbed soap all over her back and handed the cloth back to her. She took the cloth and said 'my turn" and she rubbed soap all over my back and then unexpectedly her hand found its way between my legs and she began to rub my p**** back and forth. I took the hint and returned the favor. There we stood in the shower for a good ten minutes rubbing each other off to two shuddering o******. Needless to say we never went out that night, we stayed in bed and rubbed,licked,sucked, fingered each other till we collapsed into sleep. Never remembered who won or lost the game but I gained a new sexual life that day.

Sep 18, 2020

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  • Lucky girls.

    Momma is proud. Men are great but women know best

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