I am 24 years old boy. A girl in my neighbourhood is just 13 years but her b**** are just amazing. I am starting to feel lusty towards her. She is just 13 and her b**** are quiet big for her age. I want to suck her b**** and squeeze them so hard that she cries and I want to exploit her sexually even though she is from a conservative family. I am just looking for a chance and my hands will be on her b****.



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  • You need help, 24 year olds are 'men'
    You need to move away and leave her alone you sick f***.

  • This is sick. She’s a CHILD ! Leave her alone !

  • You are a pedophile. This is disgusting, go get help, that is literal child.

  • This is pedo mindset but ok

  • Lucky guy get your c ock in her tight lil p ussy

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