Do I say anything.

My step son spied on me the other night, I was in bed having a little solo go and I wasn't sure but afterward got an uneasy feeling that someone was watching me, I got out of bed and went to the window, I seen him sneaking away and going in the basement door.
I don't know if I should tell my husband or just leave it be and close the blinds from now on if i am doing that.

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  • If you want variety and better O s, why not seduce the stepson without letting your hubby know?

  • For years I tried in vain to get my wife to be a home nudist. Nothing worked. Then one evening I came home to scare off two teen boys spying on my window. I quickly went over to find out what They'd been seeing. Nothing to speak of. She was in a plain white bra and pants. When I got inside I told her what I chased off. Later, I pointed the two lads when we saw them while we driving together. Since that time my wife started to dress more provocatively at home. I started spotting Peeping Toms at our windows again. One night there were half a dozen that scattered as I pulled in. Going over, I couldn't help but notice my wife was vacuuming, naked. I got in and told her what I just scared off. She got frisky with me right there on our living room couch. She was like that at that place until we moved.

  • Meh, It's fine. My step brother who is a year younger than me spies on me, I don't go out of my way to do stuff in front of him but if he gets his jollies spying on me than whatever.

  • If you enjoy the teat by your step-son let him do it and see how far he can go. Voyeurism could be extremely s**-stimulating for both men and women!!

  • Show him more and tease him make him crazy that he can see but cant touch

  • Just let him enjoy the view.

    You may even let him try a piece. I’m sure he would enjoy it and I’m sure he would not tell a soul

  • Just let him enjoy every single piece of you...he is craving for your milk

  • Just smarten up, could have been anyone seeing you

  • Truth is most guys, young or old , get so excited to see a beautiful women naked or doing whatever as long as we can see her

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