Self Spanking Mishap

I had a strong curiosity about spanking from an early age, but was never spanked growing up.

By the time I was 11 I started self spanking occasionally. I never could make it realistic enough or hurt enough to be satisfying. I also was afraid of getting caught so I did it fully clothed, which also diminished the experience.

To try to increase the pain I once took a big bath brush from my mom’s shower and tried to spank myself with it over my jeans. I think I was 13 when this happened. The thick denim and cheap brush resulted in it breaking in half. I was terrified about having to explain what happened so I hid it in the trash.

She never mentioned anything about it, but I think surely she must have noticed it’s disappearance.

Secretly, I wish she had found it, confronted me about it, and given me the real spanking I deserved. The one I couldn’t create for myself with all the embarrassment of having my pants and underwear pulled down, going over her knees, and getting my bare bottom paddled hard until I’m sobbing.

Sep 21, 2020

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  • I hate that I'm like this and I know I'm perverted. But I'm a 33 year old woman, and the only way I can achieve good hard o***** is if my father, spanks me as i m*********.

    My b**** prefect older sister was the perfect girl and never got spanked. Maybe that's why I was bad so much, i wanted Daddy to myself. I could give him something he needed that my sister never could. He said I was his "special naughty girl" and needed to do this with me. I loved the private time each night. He was all mine. He told me he never wants my sister like this, he only wanted me.

    From age 12, every night at midnight, he come to my room in his robe and would take it off and was naked. His c*** would be hard, and I take off my PJ bottom and bend over his knees. Daddy c*** would rub my belly. I loved knowing I had power to make him hard. Then he spank me hard, leaving red marks.. He taught me how to m********* and soon I need pain to o*****. Every night after I came, I get on my knees as take him in my mouth and end with swallowing.

    I still live and am in love with Daddy, we share a bed I feel I'm his wife. I'm spanked several times a day to o***** and then I have s** with him. I c** from s** but not as intense as the spanking.

    I love only my Daddy. We have a daughters.

  • I get this desire to be caned. I do not want some bdsm warm up. I want to be held or tied in position. My fantasy or desire is along the school boy punished thing. Not a dangerous thing with a stranger but severe punishment from someone who I trust even if they are getting off on it.

    I got caned a few times at school and they were painful but no fear of being beaten to death if that makes sense.

  • Great fun if you want me to do it I will

  • Im in Australia. Where are you?

  • Melbourne

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