Ruined my marriage? (Part 1)

This will be two parts.
I would like to just hit the rewind button, Just go back 24Hrs and start over.
My husband and I had a trip booked to a local outdoor concert, It’s a huge deal around here and there are hundreds of campers and thousands of people who attend every year, My husband and I met there and have attended for 22 years together (I am 41), We always set up camp and our campsite is a bit of a gathering point for a lot of people we know and a lot we meet only once a year at this event. Just a little history so you know where I come from and how everything is connected. My dad passed when I was 3, My mom remarried when I was 11 and when I was 14 they had an…Oops and my half sister was brought into this world. My step dad is a big, Strapping man, Always a little gruff but treated me like gold, Absolutely treated me like a princess.
My half sister Emma and I were raised by them in the same house and although there is a large age gap in our later years we really started to connect more as sisters, She is…Lets call it…Quirky, She drives my husband crazy with all of her…Quirks and he thinks she may be half crazy sometimes, LOL. I’m going to do a quick physical description here only because we are 100% different physically, I am short, Average build and since having kids my modest B’s are now a long C, My husband…And most people I know always say my…Booty is great, I have always been blessed with an attention grabbing booty, Not big but very…Round and has always been firm. Just a little tooting my own horn there, My husband always raves about my body and although I am quite sure he would enjoy if I got my b**** done he has never pushed for it. Emma, Now Emma is built a little differently than I, She is 5’10”, Slim and has a rack that I have no idea where she got it from, She easily wears a DD when she wants to spill out of it or a DDD when she doesn’t, Long legs, My husband says they are not great, Just long and skinny, Not much of a bum but my husband says it is definitely…There and otherwise just a tall, Slim, Stacked girl. My husband says she is not as attractive as me (Face) but is still attractive. There we go, That’s as far as my description is going.
Emma was attending the same concert and we had headed back to the camper, We were all hanging out and Emma showed up with a couple friends, We had a few, then a few more and by bedtime we were twisted, Someone…I am not sure who although Emma has her suspicions but someone thought it would be funny to put a little additive in some of our drinks, I did Moly back in college and I know I do not react well to it…Well I guess I react the way you are supposed to but I hate it, I did it twice and hated the feeling both times and would have never chosen to do it on my own. It took a little bit for me to realize but I was sitting in my chair and I was literally vibrating, I had to cross my legs because I was visibly wet and my nips were aching they were so hard, I caught myself with my hand in my sweater pressing my left nip and that was when I said “Ok, I am out”. By that point there were only a few of us left and the one guy who my sister suspects may have been the culprit was trying to convince her to go back to his tent (Uber classy), She came to me and straight up begged to stay in the camper and I couldn’t say no.
We booted everyone out and I could finally uncross my legs and go inside, I thought about a shower, I thought about a lot of things but I was sitting on the edge of my bed when my husband walked in, We usually never close our door and I don’t think we have ever had s** in the camper because we usually have kids with us but I started kicking s*** out from in front of the door and closed it, I spun around and ripped his shorts to the floor. There is no nice way to say it…My husband has a huge d***, No bull he is by far the biggest I have been with, He is over 8” in length and his length is not the impressive part if you get my drift, No two ways about it…He has ruined me for any other man. He didn’t even have time to kick his shorts off and I was squatting on the floor, I was on my knees but spread my feet and was sitting right down on the carpet, It’s totally embarrassing but I was so wet and h**** I was rubbing my p**** on the carpet while I sucked my husband, I could have quite easily came like that but didn’t want to because…Ok, I don’t consider myself a…Squirter but when I do come I come hard and wet so obviously didn’t want to do that on the carpet.
I stood up and my husband picked me up, Spun me around and laid me on the bed, I flopped my legs open and my husband looked at me a little surprised, I was holding my head and pulling my own hair and moaned “Aaaahhh god”, He said “Are you ok?”, I said “mmmm, I am soooo stupid h**** baby” and he got up on the bed, I slid up against the headboard and he buried his face in my wet p****, He lifted his head and said “Oh my god baby”, I grabbed his head and shoved it back against me. My HUGE fail was not thinking about the fact that we have one bathroom, That bathroom is attached to our bedroom with a door to the hallway, The door to the hallway was closed but the one to our room was partially open, I am on my back, Legs up in the air, I am holding them, My eyes are rolling back in my head and I look down at my husband then catch something in my peripheral and F***…There in the bathroom doorway is Emma, Sweet little innocent Emma who has chosen to stay a V until marriage, She is standing there in a T-shirt and panties, Mouth wide open and hard nips.

Oct 7, 2020

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  • Oh my God!

    This is making me sooo WET. Please tell me you let your hubby f*** Emma! My hubby is huge too. I love watching him f*** other women

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