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Let my adult son g/f move in over a year ago because she was homeless. She is according to her traumatized by her abusive parents, I felt bad for her. Fast forward a year, she broke a toilet, doesn’t do dishes or clean up after herself after cooking leaving sticky or greasy counters. Come home from work today after working 4 days in a row supporting this family and got to listen to how it is my fault that they need pot because of the way I talk to my son, and oh the horror, I suggested maybe getting a job, I am a monster. Single mom, only one working and cleaning. I have had so many mugs go missing. Can’t talk about this or that. Nobody wants counseling but me. I love these two, but this hurts and is killing me financially and emotionally:(

Oct 12

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  • My cure would be to take you away for a nice four day weekend. Nice meals out, take you to get your hair done, manicure, pedicure etc. Take you clothes and shoe shopping. Buy you some nice lingerie and stockings, then take you to a romantic hotel for hours and hours of lovemaking to eliminate all your stress.

  • My mom is dealing with the same bullshit with my brother except he’s a full on heroin addict. He his running her into the ground. I say get ride of both of them and your life will improve. I beg my mom to send my brothers ass packing all the time but she won’t. It’s really taking a toll on her. Anyways good luck

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