I ** hate people

Don't get me wrong, there are some lovely people I know and would take a bullet for but holy **
cry me a river about how you want big strong dumb ** to beat some unarmed guy and then ** you so hard in the ** you forget what facism looks like and that your ** fantasy can't be completed because people want to defund the police so that ** for brains aren't paid to go into people's houses and kill their dog for getting excited.
"but the riots oh woe is me" this is the same propaganda the red coats used in boston but you're so blind to that fact because of your ** having **, oh and definitley ** you if you don't want "illegal immigrants" on stolen land for stealing jobs you don't want, focus on your own ** buddy, people are actually trying to support their families while you whine about people not being as ** as your over grown toddler of a president

Oct 12, 2020

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