Bad timing

I came home with my two friends for a beer and football afternoon. Walked into the kitchen and there was my wife stark naked flashing her ** and ** with nothing to cover herself. She just stood there frozen with shame till she ran passed us out of kitchen totally embarrassed. i hate to admit it, but some how I got turned on watching my friends looking at her in all the right places.

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  • My wife would sometimes be ** when I came home from work, and she would be lying on our living room couch naked, waiting for me to come in.
    One time I had a contractor and his helper over to bid an addition out the back, so we went out there, then in through the side door. There she was on the couch, everything exposed and she had to get up and walk past us to get to the bedroom. Funny stuff, I told her that was hot and she should do stuff like that more often, she said no way. But now I notice she hasn't been wearing bras when she goes shopping, and some of her tops are pretty loose so who knows? I will just let things progress.

  • The same thing happened to us, but I set my wife up. It took some doing but once we had developed a predictable rhythm of when I knew she'd be ** when I got home from work, I sprang my plan.

    My wife shrieked when she noticed I wasn't a lone. It took her a moment to look around and realize she had nothing to cover up with and would have to walk past us to escape. As she headed to the gap between us I said to her to relax, he knows you are a nudist and is fine with it. You don't have to get dressed.

    The thing is, my wife is NOT a nudist in any way. She knows I WANT her to be, which was why I was winking at her the whole time I was speaking. She glared at me while my coworker echoed my sentiment that she need not dress on his account. She wasn't happy about it but stayed a 'good sport' by staying au natural until he left.

    It was more than a month before she'd admit it was fun and was interested in inviting him over for dinner again.

    For the rest of the time I worked there, my wife would only play the home nudist if she knew that same coworker was coming home with me.

  • Different but the same, I sent a friend of mine to my house across the alley to get my wallet and I was busy working on his car, What I didn't realize was my wife had been texting me to come home and get some, He walked in, she was on her back on the couch with her ** and ** on display, I heard her scream from across the alley and he came back laughing his ** off, I checked my phone, He told me what happened and I almost peed my pants laughing, She did not laugh.

  • Haha, back when my wife and I were trying to get pregnant with our first child she texted me and asked me to tell her when I was leaving work, I didn't hink much of it but I did text her and said "Be home in 5", Well I had invited a buddy over for beers and we walked up to the door, I had my hands full, He opened the door for me and came face to...Well...Not face with my wife sitting on the stairs straight ahead of the door maybe 4 feet away wearing a housecoat, Leaning back, Housecoat wide open and legs spread. Bahaha, She froze and started shaking, Slid down two or three steps as she scrambled and bolted up the stairs and disappeared down the hall. He looked at me and said "I'm out...I'll walk home" and I stood there in shock as he walked away. Probably the funniest day ever.

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