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2 years ago I had been cruising the internet one evening while my wife was out of town and stumbled across a vintage set of photos and one caught my eye, I don't even really know why but something about the picture made me take a second look, I flipped to the next page and there were a few more of the same woman, I would say late 20's to very early 30's at most.
Very attractive woman, Brunette, Curly hair, Smallish b******, tiny little nips, Flat stomach and wide hips, Amazing ass, Like a world class ass, and a bushy little vag with nice legs. As I continued throught the photo set I kept thinking she looked familiar and then one photo hit me, I knew I had seen that couch before in that exact room. I jumped up and ran to the storage room, I rifled through a rubber maid full of old photo albums and there it was, A picture of my wife's mom sitting on that exact couch in that exact room.
I ran back upstairs and flipped through the photo album while looking at the pictures online and it was absolutely her. When I met my wife's mom she would have been maybe 40 and was in a short hair phase, Like real short and had turned almost completely grey by that time and always kept it that way and the girl in the pictures had long dark hair and that was why I didn't catch it right away. So I began rounding up all the pictures of her that I could find on that site and what a collection I now have. Apparently before my wife's dad passed they were swinging and 52 pictures made their way to the information super highway.
Have you ever wanted to see your mother in law almost 30 years ago in a bikini, I have, I also have seen that bikini get slowly removed and her beautiful little t*** get exposed, There are 2 pictures of her sucking d*** and one is definitley not the wife's dad, Pictures of her bent over in just her bottoms with them pulled up her crack, 2 different guys with their hands all over her, Her on her back, legs in the air pulling off her bottoms, You can see her hairly little p**** and ass hole, One random dude licking her while the wife's dad holds her legs up, Multiple pictures of her gatting tagged by the wife's dad and another guy and by two guys who are not the wife's dad.
And the holy grail, the pictures that make pop wood anytime I see my wife's now 59 year old mom, 12 pictures of her and girls, 3 different girls and she was not shy about getting ears deep in a random p****. She got licked, She did the licking, She got f***** while licking and sucked d*** while getting licked, There is one picture of her sitting on a girls face, Sitting upright with a guy standing behind her and she has her head to the side sucking his d*** and the girl on her back has huge t*** and she is pulling the girls nips, I have blown my load to that picture probably 50 times.
Oh man, I still scour vintage sites looking for more pics but have not come acroos anymore (Pun intended) so for now I just j*** to the ones I have.

Oct 20, 2020

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