I have a sexual and romantic relationship with my step-sister

I have kept this hidden for so many years, but I have been in a romantic and sexual relationship with my step-sister. I honestly don't think we would have been sexual or romantic with each other if we had not had a secret relationship before our parents married.
I lost my virginity to my best friend, Amy, at 14. She was 15 at the time and had been in the US for only a year. She was Korean but born and raised in Canada but she and her mom moved to the US shortly after her dad died. We connected pretty quick as we had not only similar interests but also my mom had passed away just a month before her dad. We quickly became friends, but one day while hiking in the woods not far from our house we took a skinnydip in the river and ended up having s** right after. From the little I can remember s** in the woods for our first time really wasn't that great. We started dating and having s** secretly and regularly from there. We didn't want our parents finding out. They were both really into that whole purity culture at the time.
Our parents revealed they had been dating when I was 16 and Amy was 17 and got married 2 months later. They didn't waste any time (3 months dating and 2 months engaged).
Amy and I agreed since we weren't physically related we could keep going but kept it secret even to this day 15 years later. Amy and I live together on our own now and have a lot more freedom but still have decided to keep our relationship a secret for our parent's sake. It would crush them. The only real bummer is we would like to get married but know there is just no way. Amy is the only person I have ever been with.

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