Assisted showers

I'm 24 and have been renting a room from Jeff and Sandra for almost 2 years. They are very nice people and I always did and still do get along with them. They are both about mid 50's and always respected my privacy. Anyhow to the embarrassing part. I got hurt in work this past June at a time when I was only working 2 or 3 days a week because of the virus. I had fallen off a scaffold which screwed up my knee and pinched a nerve in my hip. From the right cheek of my ass down to my knee was purple. I hadn't showered in 3 days so I struggle to the bathroom. I was able to shower ok but the shower is in a bathtub with a curtain and I fell on the floor getting out. The next thing I knew Jeff picked the lock on the door and he and Sandra came in, me naked on the floor in excruciating pain. They both lifted me up to sit on the toilet seat still naked I might add. At the time I was in to much pain to be embarrassed but that was just the start of it. Finally they helped me get my bathrobe on and instead of Jeff helping me back to me room he had Sandra take me. I thanked her when I got to my room but she didn't leave and insisted on helping me put on my PJ's and again saw me naked. Then it got worse.

The next night she came up to my room asking if I took a shower yet. I hadn't so she was adamant about her helping me. So when I got to the bathroom she turned the water on and checked to see how hot it was. She wouldn't leave and began taking my bathrobe off telling me not to be embarrassed and that she had 2 sons. I had met them both before but I'm not her son. She held my arm as I stepped into the tub and got under the shower. She did close the shower curtain but I knew she was still there. They have a hand held shower head which at least made it easy to rinse off. As I was doing it the shower curtain opened up and she insisted on rinsing off my back . Then she sternly told me to turn around and before I could say anything she was moving the spray all over my body including my genitals. At one point she had me open my legs and she sprayed up under my s******. That's embarrassing enough but with no desire I got an erection. Sandra is older than my mom and she is also ugly but I couldn't control it. I didn't know what to do and just said sorry. With that she told me it was ok and that being sprayed down there causes it. From that night on I only showered every other night and Sandra was with me. It went on from late that June until the second week in September.

The crazy thing is that Jeff knew she was doing this and a few times asked me if she was being a pain in the ass. He only laughed about it and told me to just put up with her. After 3 or 4 times getting an erection I stopped apologizing. The embarrassment lessened but the fact I got erections every time made me feel weird about it. I think by the middle of July I began to suspect she enjoyed doing this to me. She insisted that she rinse me off and more or less told me what to do and how to stand there. She would not only have me spread my legs open but would encourage me to bend over and pull my butt cheeks apart. I did have soap all over me but she always put the nozzle under my b****. As soon as she did that it was instant erection. She also helped me dry off and put my PJ bottoms on. It 's still embarrassing when I see her sometimes and Jeff don't help matters when he smiles and asks if I need help in the shower. I'm sure she must have told him how I would get erections and just the way he says things is in a teasing manner.He never mentions that but I assume that's what he's referring to. I still get along great with both of them and can't believe how they took care when I was hurt. Sandra made me meals and did laundry for me during that time so I guess she had the right to humiliate me over those months. I was never exposed to a woman like that before and do think she liked seeing me naked although she would never admit it.

Oct 26, 2020

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  • TL;DR normally confessions like this are faker than f*** so just pass on them

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