My brother is my son

I am 15 and my dads 9 years older than me. I am sexually attracted to him ever since I was 13. Tbh he's hot. I don't have a mum because it was a random hookup on tinder and my mum was 46 and had a heart attack and died. And one day my dad called me into the garage. I bent over to get the drinks and he slaps my ass. It might seem disgusting but its not. He makes out with me and then forces me to have s** with him. Later that month I found out I was pregnant with my brother..
Its been 3 years and me and my dad made it official we have 2 boys and we named then Alec and Joshuah. Me and my "Boyfriend/dad" Tend to have more children. But I'm in collage and my friends ask me who my boyfriend is .. Its awkward to say Kristopher . because they know that's my dads name and then they don't wanna be my friend and there's a bunch of rumors what do I do is my relationship with my dad normal!? Help


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  • I got pregnant when I was raped last time
    my s k y pe is annie price 123

  • I got pregnant when I was raped last time

  • You must be mentally retarded.

  • Fake cake incest propaganda

  • Umm, yeah, your father was nine years old when you were born. I believe that.

  • Fock you and your fake incest post!

  • No Honey your relationship is not normal. But if you love and enjoy your Dad/ lover, then I say continue. you could simply tell your friends you do not have a BF and not interested. If you have children together then you are a family. If you love each other and live as a family then perhaps Marriage should be considered. You then would be the wife of Kristopher and not his daughter. The games you may play in private or away from school is your business and nobody else.

  • Good advice! But I think what's normal for one person may not be normal for another. I think there many situations where people have relationships with family members, sometimes it is casual then other times more serious. I think we have to be very careful when using the term"normal".

  • Shut up ladyballs incest is not legal and the OP is fake with his story. Yes, I called him a guy. Thats a fact! Incest is not normal at all.

  • F****** THIS, you can literally see that the roles are most likely reversed in this post and was written by the dad himself. That or it's just wholly fake. Like what the absolute f******. I hope whoever incest-supporting pedophile wrote this can f****** die the worst way possible.

  • That is a fair thing to say. S** and romantic living with a sibling or parent is not normal. But it happens more often than we sometimes think. I just believe She is having problems with it at this point of time in her life.. If she wants to continue the relationship as I believe she does, They probably both need to reconsider their situation and consider becoming husband and wife.

  • If marrying her father was legal then I agree. By having a child with her father she has already made a commitment to her father and I think they should carry on as a couple.

  • Shut up ladyballs incest is not legal and the OP is fake with his story. Yes, I called him a guy. Thats a fact!

  • At this point the legal aspects of this are not even considered. it is the emotional parts that need to be addressed. They do not have to announce to the world they are father and daughter , although there is a bit of a turn on to it. She simply needs to be selective with who they share that information. Personally I love knowing about it and approve completely.

  • Shut up sick A$$whole. It's fake but if they had a kid there would be problems. Like who is on the birth certificate, If the kid has medical problems (like in over 42% of incest births) and genetics are tested. Or if the kid grows up and gets a DNA test to see who its father is. All it takes is the kids DNA to know that it is an incest birth.

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