Close-minded mother

That my mother is too trapped in her own set of beliefs to trust that I truly believe something different than her. As a person of science and objectivity, the only thing that i value is correctness. If someone is saying something incorrect, it is almost a duty to correct them if I know for a fact that they are wrong. Just now, my mother mentioned how I’m always so stiff when she tries to hug me. I answer truthfully that perhaps it’s because I don’t trust her. She immediately is thrown into hysteria mode and laughs. She claims that I should trust her with her life. I said I do. She said that’s the most important thing. I said that's a matter of opinion. She laughed again and said you're impossible. No, b****, you’re impossible. So unwilling to believe that your child may not fully trust you for the sake of convincing yourself that you’re doing an absolute bang up job as a parent. Because surely you give me zero reasons to be afraid of trusting you like you’re oh so perfect.

Nov 9

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