Everyone is racist and until we all accept that, nothing is going to change. I’m not saying this to nit pick and cast blame on one race for doing such and such to some other race or anything like that. I am saying it because everyone I come across tries their hardest to say that they aren't racist and then will come out of their mouths with most rudest racist thing and then try to brush it off by saying “I’m not trying to be racist or anything.” Gosh just come out and say you’re racist, the way you act already does it for you. People act like being racist is the worst thing in the world, but it’s not. It is the way you happen to feel about a race, it’s like the way you judge someone before getting to know them. Being racist is just a feeling you happen to have when coming across a certain type of person. And it’s only when you act on those feelings and do harm to someone, who does not deserve it, that you are in the wrong. I have no problem admitting that I’m racist, but I don’t going around killing people, swearing at them, or anything like that. In fact I would say that a majority of people go out of their ways to avoid the race they don’t like just so that they wont get those feelings. I've thought long and hard about my own racist feelings and why I have them and whether I should avoid them or not. And I decided that my life would be easier if I just accept that I have them and work on fixing that part of myself I don’t like instead of pretending it’s not there. In the society we are in where racism is thought to be the biggest bane in the world this might not be easy, but just think you’re not the only one who has thought in your head at some point that you can’t stand such and such race cause their people always…everyone has and just the fact that everyone thinks like that, it makes them racist, whether they are a big racist or small, a racist is still a racist. Just be honest with yourself and then fix that personalty flaw you have. It might not be easy, but hey, the way you are now could cause you to miss out on meeting some wonderful people just because your racist thoughts held you back.

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  • I don't hate blacks. Or Mexicans. Or Chinese. I just hate YOU.

  • That's fine, I don't care if you like me or hate me cause I doubt we will ever meet and if we do you probably wouldn't be able to tell I was the one who wrote this.

  • I disagree with the entire premise that racism is wrong. When was that decided? Maybe racism is a positive emotion.

  • It's not a positive emotion, when used in a negative context/behaviour.It depends on the manner/context, on which racism is being used, the determines whether it's construed as negative and/or positive.

  • Maybe it is, maybe it isn't, maybe it's just a neutral emotion, never know, but the way people react to that emotion is most definitely negative. People just need to be better able to deal with it instead of using it harm.

  • Im a white guy and yea im not gonna deny it im a little racist but not against everybody, the only thing im racist about is interracial relationships and illegal Mexicans living in the states for free i f***** hate'em, as for relationships i dont care if a white guy dates a black girl but i have a Real problem about black guys dating gorgeous plus size white women it just p***** me off cuz there are so many white guys that can treat them better lets face it black guys dont have the best track record they put'em in lousy lazy rap videos, beat them like drums, get them hooked on coke and etc. then dump them i mean just look at chris brown. There are white guys that can treat them a h*** of alot better black guys need to date black women and white guys should do the same with white women

  • Don't you guys just wish we can be segregated again? I do.

  • You are one of the few who can admit to all of that, I know people who are friends with people of a race and will still take s*** about that person's race. Personally, I have thoughts like yours, too, but when I stop to think about it, I realize that when all is said and done I don't care about who is dating who, and who is doing what as long as they aren't hurting anyone and aren't bothering me. Seriously cause whether you have a problem with it or not most likely they aren't going to listen to your opinion, and will keep on doing what they are doing. So, in the end all of that rage is just there wasting energy you could be using for something more productive.

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