I was a bad girlfriend

Matt was my bf since sophomore year HS also took my V. He was a single child, came from an upper middle class family and played soccer. He was a nice guy spoiled me with flowers, bracelets & necklaces randomly and on my birthday. I got along great with his family and his mom would take me shopping. She’d say I was the daughter she never had. Matt was never jealous when I’d attend parties while he was at away games.
When HS ended, he got a partial scholarship to play soccer at a university. I was working at a Dr’s office and would attend a local community college. We were serious and started talking about life after college & marriage. His dad would get him a job at the company he worked for but Matt had to have a BS in business.
July after HS, Matt’s parents took trip to Greece for a month. I stayed at Matt’s so we could have s** more often. btw: My parents never questioned or gave a s*** about where I was.
Matt’s friends were going to Miami for the weekend and we rode with them. The first night, we walked down the beach to a friend’s house to hang. It was packed, loud music and the smell of pot. We did a few shots and a drunk college guy asked me to dance. Matt was cool. I was wearing a bikini instantly he grabbed my ass. His hand went down my bottoms and he was fingering my a****** and rubbing my Vjay. I didn’t mind but Matt interrupted. The guy asked if I cared. I should have been quicker with my response. Matt took my hesitation as a ‘yes’ and got p*****. The guy held my hand and took me to the kitchen for more shots. I was REALLY buzzed. We went outside with a crowd and shared a joint. It was packed with people so he sat me on his lap. After my first hit, I was very relaxed and he started rubbing my c*** and fingering me. After a few more hits I nodded out. The next thing I remember was Matt pecking me on the shoulder and saying, “I’m leaving!” When I snapped out, I was straddling the guy and we were in the middle of having s**. The guy’s hands were on my ass moving my limp body. He yelled at Matt for interrupting, told him to leave so he could concentrate. Things were hazy but I remember they guy saying, ‘OK Buddy, Just give us a few more minutes and she’ll be ready to go.’ Matt went back inside. I was wasted. I felt him grabbed my ass and go faster until he let out a grunt and finished inside me. GREAT NO CONDOM! He set me off and while I was adjusting my bottoms he smacked my ass, “Go find your babysitter.” Everything was hazy and I was stumbling. Matt ran to help me back and put me to bed. I was so drunk and high. I passed out. The next day my head felt like it was going to explode, swim bottoms were full of dried c**. My a****** hurt bad! It was raw and bleeding! Matt was sitting next to me on the bed when I woke. He was ‘willing’ to work things out ‘forgive and forget’ if I’d admit I’d got too drunk and high and the guy took advantage of me. He also thought we should report it. I feared we'd have to explain underage drinking, smoking pot and a lot of things. I didn't like his 'willing' to work things out comment and asked why is it HIS decision to 'work things out'? I tossed it back and asked why did he allowed it to happen? We fought more until I told him it's my body and I can have s** with who I choose and can make my own life decisions without him! Then admitted I wanted to have s** with the guy and we did. I WANTED TO! I took a long cold shower. Moving forward, we broke up. It was awkward because we were staying at his friend’s place and had to ride back with him.
This happened 3 summers ago and I'm glad we broke up when we did. I could have been locked into a marriage with a controlling a******.

Nov 14, 2020

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  • Id marry you and have an open relationship

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