Pregnant With Husbands Brother

I know right away I'm in the wrong. I've been in the wrong for nearing 3 years now. I love my husband, really I do. He's a nice man, very reliable, stable, overall a good guy. But he is lacking in the manhood department. I've been pretty much faking my o****** with him for 3 years of dating and 2 years of marriage. I found out 2 years ago on my birthday where the rest his "manhood" was, on his brother.

I was throwing a small family party for my birthday at our house. My husband does often work late-night or over-night and despite me begging him to not to go in, he went anyways. As the night went on my husbands brother, Matt, did have a few too many so I offered him to stay on the couch. He agreed and the night pretty much came to a close.

I woke up at around 3-4 AM to the sound of the shower being on. That's usually what my husband does when he gets home. Now sometimes to be cute, I'd join my husband in the shower. So I get undressed and started heading to the bathroom. I quietly open the door and because we have those privacy sliding glass door all I saw was a out line of the body so I couldn't tell who it was. I slide open the door and he jumped and he yelled to where I found out it was Matt. I had completely forgotten that I told Matt he could stay over. So I was trying to cover myself as he was using the door to hide. As I was apologizing I noticed something on the glass it's self. It was his d*** and it was growing and my eyes kept getting drawn to it. He had to have noticed I was looking because he stepped back from the glass and grabbed a towel. Just enough time for me to see his c*** full erect and I just said to myself silently, "wow". We talked back and forth saying sorry and very sheepish I asked, "So umm, that thing, just how big is it?" He replied, "Just a bit over 8 inches, why?". Without thinking I just said, "Mind if I see it?". He drops his towel showing it all off and my hand just moved on it's own and I grabbed it. I go, "sorry, it's not everyday I see something like this." He says, "Oh does my brother not measure up?" I didn't say anything but I started stroking it. I was totally hypnotized by his c*** my body just couldn't turn away from his c***. Before I knew it, I was sucking his c***. I should have stopped when I realized I was naked on my own bathroom floor sucking my husbands' brothers' c*** but it didn't.

All I said was, "Follow me" and I lead him to the bedroom. I get onto my bed on my back and next he opened my legs and started eating me out. Nothing I'm not used to but for some reason this felt so much better. The sucking on my c***, his tongue licking every inch inside my p****. I feel him grab my legs and hold them back. I see him aim his d*** towards my p**** and he slowly goes into me. I moan out for real for this time and it felt so damn good. Every pump he made I felt him go deeper and harder to the point of me pretty much making noises I didn't even know I could make. Its been about 5 minutes and this is when normally my husband would c** and stop but Matt showed no signs of stopping. As he's f****** me he asks if I wanted to ride on top and I was feeling to good to reply so I didn't say anything. He leans in, grabs my back and pulls me forward to where I realize I'm on top and he's on his back. I shift to get into a better position and then I start moving my hips. I use his chest for leverage and I go up and down his c*** as far as could but his 8 inches felt endless. I could barely move without my husband slipping out but now I have room to spare. I felt him move his hips and he went deeper and faster until I started feeling my body shake and before I knew it I was c****** all over him, screaming. He pulls me off his c*** and gets behind me, gets my ass in the air and starts f****** me doggy. Pulling my hair and really hitting my ass red. Goes faster and faster till he pulls out, flips me over, starts jerking off and c*** all over my chest and face. Goes without saying the next morning felt pretty awkward. My husband ended up coming home around 8am even commented on the smell of the room that I didn't notice smell like s** and I just said it was a new air freshener.

The point to ALL of that was because I had been seeing Matt on and off for the following years. As of a few month ago I had talked about having a kid with my husband and as of 2 weeks I had missed my period and been having weird urges as of late. The weekend I did a home test I came back positive for my pregnancy. My husband and I have s** but it's pretty rare but this is right in line when the last time I saw Matt. He had c** in me but it wasn't the first time and it was fine. I'm almost certain it's Matt's.

I know this makes me a awful person but I can't help it. I had my urges as a woman and he filled those urges. I definitely took it too far but I'm currently very torn on it.

Feb 16, 2021

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  • You are a disgusting and unfaithful wife. You are a s****, a harlot and should be ashamed of yourself for cheating on your husband with your brother in law, not to mention your brother in law is a piece of sh^t too and an adulterer for f^cking his sister in law who is married

  • Hot story....even hotter that he impregnated you.

  • Better to live YOUR life than to be UNSATISFIED with your husband.

  • I cheat on my husband with my son. He first got me pregnant when he was just 14 years old. We now have two beautiful daughters. It was so easy to convinced my husband that the kids are his.

  • would like to hear more

  • Good s***

  • Ur story sounds so much like mine . my husband is not the father to my 2kids . his father is . only him n me know the truth . and it always be kept that way .

  • If your only reason for being in a relationship with someone is for s**, don't get married. Friends with benefits and one night stands are more your style. Your "needs as a woman" is ridiculous and just an excuse for to infidelity lol. Pathetic. It was clearly always l*** and never live for you. Sorry your husband married a pig.

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