Anyone have stories of family members fattening up?

My mom has been purposefully gorging herself for a few weeks now. Trying to impress this new guy, I guess. He keeps persuading her to eat more and more and encourages her to gain weight. He says that he loves big women with an appetite and is always buying her bigger clothes!

My mom is always eating now it seems. She was hesitant at first, but now with her now boyfriend footing the bill for everything and encouraging her to get bigger, I'm worried about her health! She started out a bit chubby; 200lbs, but the rate she's been binging, I'm afraid that she'll be over 300lbs by next year!! She won't listen to reason and is too enamored with this guy!

I'm at my wits end here. I'm hoping for people to share their own experiences with family members (dad, mom, cousins, aunt, uncles, siblings, etc) getting fat and gaining large amounts of weight. What happened in your situations? How did it happen, how much weight did they gain? How did you deal with it!?

Nov 14, 2020

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  • I’m going thru something similar with my brother. He’s piled on the weight during quarantine and he wasn’t skinny to begin with. He has all new clothes which look sloppy and loose and usually he diets at the beginning of the year if he gained a lot but there hasn’t been a word about it this year. No dry January either and a lot of the weight he gained is through drinking. I have no idea how much he weighs but it’s getting almost obscene.

  • Im like the poster below. The wife and I are heading off to the in-laws for thanksgiving and I feel like half the menu is specifically chosen to make sure I’m stuffed silly all weekend. The whole family jokes that I have no self control which is humiliating. Then I prove them right and get another helping and that makes it worse.

  • My mother in law seems like she’s secretly a feeder. Every time we visit, her freezer is stocked with my favorite ice cream. She doesn’t even ask anymore after meals she just puts a huge bowl in front of me knowing I have no self control

  • Let your mom plump up like a balloon. It’s her body not yours.

  • It’s hard not to gain when you know someone finds it attractive. For me, knowing the fatter I get, the sexier my wife finds me, I’m predisposed to ordering that extra appetizer or chugging down those extra IPAs. If you have a partner who’s a big eater already, just let em know you like em big. You’ll have more doughy rolls to play with in no time.

  • I've been on the other side of the situation. I purposely gained over 100 pounds. I went from chubby to morbidly obese and it has been wonderful except for dealing with my family. It isn't easy dealing with the insecurities that come from getting fat. You feel your body changing, getting heavier and more and more out of shape. You see it change, getting bigger, developing rolls, cellulite, your belly starts hanging. It's a lot to come to grips with even if it is what you want. It's not accepted and you know people are judging you. I sweat more, I get out of breath, I waddle now, and I have moobs. Being this fat is embarrassing. Having family give me a hard time just makes it so much worse. I know they are just worried about my health and, honestly, I am too. I know what I'm doing is not healthy but it is what I want. If your mom is like me, she's not going to stop. You will have to get used to her being fat and getting fatter. It is her choice. Don't ruin your relationship with her over this.

  • OP here. Thanks for giving me your perspective from the other side of the coin, so to speak.

    Hope you don't mind me asking, but how much do you weigh currently?

    Are you still planning on gaining weight?

    What sort of aspects of it do you enjoy?

    Did you gain all on your own, or did you have (I think they're called?) a feeder?

    It's tough seeing this situation, and I do understand worrying about your health. That's my biggest concern with my mom.

  • I don't mind at all. I currently weigh 325 and I do plan on gaining a lot more.

    I love the look and feel of being fat. I love being big and soft and flabby. I love how heavy my body feels to move, even though it makes any physical activity more difficult. I love that I jiggle when I move. I like feeling out of shape. I love seeing and feeling the changes in my body as the pounds pile on. It really is very addicting. I don't know that I will ever be satisfied.

    That is something you need to understand if your mom is really into this. It is not easy to stop. Like I said, I know this isn't good for me, but yet I still shovel thousands of calories into my face every day, hungry or not, because I need to see the number on my scale go up.

    I don't have a feeder exactly, but I do have a supportive partner. They don't push me to eat, but they like me fat and getting fatter.

    How is your mom doing? Is she still gaining? Do you know what she weighs now? Have you spoken to her about this?

  • I can relate to your love of being big and soft. How do you get over the embarrassment part? What kind of support does your partner give?

  • Okay, thank you again for answering my questions. I think I understand a little better now.

    Yes, I have talked with her about this, and she said similar things; she enjoys her body changing, and how big, soft and heavy she is getting. She said that she loves eating whatever she wants and the feeling of an overfull belly especially.

    She seems to be doing well despite all the weight gain, just gets tired or out of breath more frequently. Yes, she's still gaining and told me she wasn't going to stop any time soon. Shortly after the 4th of July, she weighed in at 343lbs.

  • It sounds like she's doing great with her gaining. I hope she is happy and I hope you are able to accept it and be happy for her or at least that it stops giving you stress. Good luck to both of you! Keep us updated.

  • How are you doing with your gain? How is your family reacting now?

  • The gaining is going well. I'm up another 20 pounds and I love it. I'm really feeling the last 10 though. My body feels so much slower and heavier than before and it's really making me not want to move which is good I guess because it means I burn less calories. I am noticing some back/leg pain from standing or walking, but all of it is so exciting to me. I can't wait to see what the next 20 pounds do to me. My family has mostly been suggesting I exercise or not take seconds or thirds. I've also heard some comments about my clothes looking tight which is true. I'm badly in need of some bigger clothes now.

  • Do you enjoy moving slower? Are you used to your family’s discouragement? I have a couple friends who’ll gently encourage me to stop eating so much, but it has the opposite effect! Sorry I can’t help you in the outgrown clothes department. I’m right behind you at 325!

  • I do enjoy moving slower. I enjoy all the new changes and struggles. I'm starting to feel ponderous now. My gut is so big it is throwing my balance off and changing how I waddle and move. It is hard to describe the feeling but it's almost like moving my body now feels like driving a new car I'm not familiar with. If you're built anything like me you will really start feeling the weight soon. I still felt kind of normal at 325. I felt fat but not like this. I feel huge now and I really think I've crossed a threshold to a new level of obesity. The discouragement from my family is nothing new. I tend to ignore it mostly, but it's also a form of negative reinforcement I guess. It let's me know that they see what a pig I've become and that validates my gorging. How do you feel at 325?

  • I feel the way you describe yourself now - driving a car you’re not familiar with. I’ll sit in a wide chair and still, each of my love handles is touching the end. I’ll open a refrigerator door and it’ll graze my moobs. I’ll slip on a pre-pandemic shirt only to discover how much I’ve blimped up. The worst (best?) part is, my wife can’t keep her hands off me. So I’ve lost all incentive to try and get under control again.

  • Once you get that obese with a wife that appreciates it, forget it. You're not turning back and why would anyone want to? Happy blimping my friend! I think we both have massive futures to look forward to.

  • I would not worry about it she might of been into this all along and just hid it if she’s happy let her be I have been though stuff like this before interfering will just strain your relationship

  • What was your experience?

  • Tbh it’s none of your business. If they’re happy let them be Feedism is normal

  • How is it normal if you end up turning someone into a blob!? I'm just really worried about my mom

  • I totally get you. It feels weird when you see a family member get really fat and it basically happens in front of your eyes.
    Up until a few years ago my Dad was an avid runner and would play different sports with his pals too, like squash and such. But he was also into these sort of extreme sports. He would do all sorts of crazy things like skydiving and bungee-jumping. Not excessively, but there were definitly a couple times a year. But he was just generally into health too. It was kind of a family thing.
    One time though he had a pretty nasty fall when he was out rock climbing. He was very lucky to not die then, and he still had to spend quite a while in hospital. But that experience really changed him and when he was allowed to leave he was a different person. I was already getting a strange vibe when he wanted to stop at a fast food place to celebrate already on the way home. He ordered a ton and then gorged himself to the point where you could clearly see the bloat he had going. He didn't even try to conceal the burp after he finished.
    At that point of course we were all just very happy to have him back, and I thought that maybe the hopsital food was just that bad. But that first meal really stuck with me, cuz that was my introduction to my new Dad.
    Basically he had this change in mentality that he wanted to take things easy and comfortable, spend more time at home, enjoy his food. And boy, that he did. What all this meant is that he became a lazy slob, who kept stuffing himself. It was very sad to watch my fit and full of energy Dad turn into an obese and unhealthy man, who has to struggle a bit to get off the couch and then breathes heavily from the exertion. In the span of 3 years he doubled his weight and is now around 350 pounds.

  • Does he still eat/act like this? It's been 2 years since my dad's accident. Went through a similar thing and he doesn't seem to want to change

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