I am a 42 year old married female, Have been married for 15 years, and recently we agreed to see a marriage therapist to renew our almost non existing ** life , In group therapy my husband has revealed that his fantasy is to have me his wife to have ** with another man ,
I am writing this confession as a test run of me actually telling him in writing that I have been carrying on a sexual affair for the last two years, now I understand that two years is a very long time , but I have only been with my lover physically sexual eight times in those two years
We are meeting up during working conferences, my lover is also married, he also has kids with his wife
I don’t have kids , and after being married I am thinking of telling my husband about my affair, After I post this, I will tell my friends about this posting and kind of judge their feelings on this
Wondering if I actually have the courage to tell all this to my husband

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  • Why is the idea of my wife pleasing another man so arousing?

  • Before you tell him you have been having an extramarital affair, you might want to test the waters on does he want that or to be there watching. This can be a slippery road. As to is he a ** and want to watch, does he want to be a part of it, or just want to know that it has happened and then try and make love like he is marking his territory. There are multiple ways this can go good or bad, conversation is what keeps your relationship strong. There must be boundaries that must be observed in a strong marriage. My wife and I always had long involved conversations.

    Lick it, Stick it, Lick it again...

  • Thanks

  • My wife cheating on me with my brother I because there sub made me clean her after them him

  • I love the thought of my wife cheating on me. I believe it stems from being a child and witnessing my mother cheat on her husbands.

  • Have you cheated?

  • Do not tell, nothing good will become of it, only mistrust and pain. Keep quite, believe me.

  • Thank you , for your advice, it’s clear that you have found yourself in a similar situation before. I wish you my best , and yes I do not plan on telling him about the affair for now ,

  • If you use the right approach your husband will get very aroused hearing about your affair. He will encourage you to continue at find other lovers and your marriage will be stronger for it.

  • Yes , It’s the right approach is what I am not very sure about

  • The best time to initiate this conversation is during foreplay. Play Q&A game....ask him how much he wants you to have a love while stroking his **. He will be at his most vulnerable and unable to hide his arousal. Ask him to tell you just how naughty he wants you to be. Play along with this but don’t let him **. This may need to be repeated a few times but eventually he will be begging you to act on it. At this time add that maybe you have already been a naughty wife and gage his reaction. He will be even more aroused now, trying to figure out if you have or not. Keep up the guessing game but add more hints that it may be true. He will soon be telling you that he would be very pleased to know you have been very naughty. Once he reaches this point in his mind, he is ready to hear the truth. Be gentle with him but make sure you always have his hard ** in you hand or ** when confessing your affair. He will not doubt have the biggest ** at his point and you know he is a willing cuckold.

  • Also keep in mind that you have already over come to 2 most difficult hurdles......1st Having your husband reveal his fantasy and 2nd which is even harder, finding a suitable partner to have ** with.
    Let hubby know you are pleased has this fantasy as it's something you have also wanted and are willing to make it happen. When you have him begging for you to go ahead, explain that you have done some research and found that other couples taking this path have often had to go through disappointing hook ups like no shows or the guy couldn't get hard when it came to game time, or that the guy was just an **. Just as he believes it's really going to happen, these considerations will put a big damper on his imagination. Once you sense his disappointment, you could gently offer up that there is a way he could still act out his fantasy if this is something he truly desires but he needs to be prepared to accept that you have maybe already been a naughty wife. It's most likely at this point he will agree to anything to make it happen, so then you can start feeding him some details of your trysts with your married lover and how easy it would be to arrange another meeting. If all goes well, you could discreetly invite your lover over to meet your husband and start a new chapter in your lives.

  • Thank you
    I will try to follow your detailed instructions, hopefully this coming weekend, as during the week we don’t have much time for playing around, Thank you again, I truly hope you are correct in assuming that he will want to play along , I would truly be a very ** and ** situation if I could keep seeing my lover with my husband approval.
    I thank you again and promise to keep you updated on how things have or have not progressed or regressed

  • Good luck, I hope it goes well.

  • It seems to me that your affair fits in with what your husband wants. Tell him you would like to do what he wants and see how he reacts. You don't have to tell him you are seeing someone else. In fact you could probably use your lover in fulfilling his fantasy. My point is you will never know until you try.
    I suspect your husband will want to go along with your plan , good luck.

  • Thank you
    Yes I have thought about that a lot
    Although in most ways that is still being very dishonest, just digging a deeper hole
    I am just very confused , in any case I have not seen my lover since Covid started
    So for now I am sitting back and pondering
    Thank you for your advice
    But I think using my lover as a piece of the puzzle that will fulfill my husband’s fantasy might backfire if he doesn’t know the truth, It’s hard to pretend your strangers if you are already intimate .

  • He need not know, once he agrees to fulfillment of his fantasy i am willing to bet he will be very eager to go along with you and your lover. I also think he will want more. If you play your cards right, you can control the whole thing. In the end you and your lover can have each other and still make your husband a happy man. I suspect its the kind of thing he wants, I'm guessing he is the kind of man that likes to watch, many men do.
    Let me know how things turn out. one more thing, try to keep your mouth shut about the affair until you see how he reacts to the whole thing.

  • Just tell him and see what happens.

  • Would you want to know ?
    What would you do ?

  • As a husband who has been in this situation, I can say that although I was shocked at first, the more I thought about it the more it aroused me which was obvious to my wife also. The fact that you have only been with your married lover 8 times in 2 years is a clear sign that this is not a full blown affair and just a normal infatuation. I 5ink your husband will be understanding and probably want you to carry on with the occasional meets with your lover

  • Maybe you’ll always be a cheater and no matter what, you’ll never be able to resist another ** in your ** that’s not your husbands.

  • I am wondering if you are not 100 % . Correct after all once a cheater always a cheater

  • It’s not cheating if your husband is aware and likes it too. This is why you should carefully lead him into the lifestyle.

  • I had same problem few years ago and in truth it rekindled my ** life with my husband . i alwsys had great ** with my husband then he went off it . after a year i start seeing a guy when ever my husband was away . te ** was good but i always kept tinking of my husband .in the end i stopped and i came clean to my husband . he was annoyed at 1st then he wanted to know what guy did . but only talked about it during ** . it was out this world getting ** and telling him how ur man ** me . . maybe u should try it

  • I will consider your suggestion, although I am scared

  • Wow , I wish it happened as your situation
    I have not told anyone except here

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