I'm a 24 year old guy and my friend (male) is 23

I'll just start from here me and my friend were chilling at his house he was on his phone and i was playing video games. After awhile i got bored with the game and decided to annoy him cuz friends. So me and him get into a friendly wrestling match trying to see who's stronger cuz testosterone.

I pinned him on the floor and he is kinda strong so what i did was ok listen....i had him in a head lock on his side so his back was on my chest so i held him with one arm and quickly yanked his pants and underwear down and put my finger in his ass. I fingered his ass until he gave up eventually he did and i took my finger out of his ass and sat up breathing a little heavy from the wrestling he looked at me i laughed my ass off and he giggled a little.

So whenever we are to ourselves we'll play around and I'll end up with my finger in his ass and that's his my secret.

And now one of my confessions

Dec 2, 2020

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  • Replace ur finger with ur c*** hun and give him what you both need :)

  • I wouldn't want to fight you!!

  • Similar thing happened with my friend in his living room after school at his house. I was tutoring him No one was home. Bobby was 11, I was 15.

    It ended with me taking hand lotion and lubing my c*** and his ass. Then we had s**. I came in him he loved it. It 4 years later and we have s** every day. He also sucks and swallow.

    Bobby loves being the "girl". But I love him and suck him off too. His c*** in very small a little over 2 inches when hard. He calls it a boy-c***. He doesn't want to f*** me as I am the "boy" is our relationship.

    Bobby turns 16 in Apri. In our state we can get married with our parents approval. I'm marrying him, I crazy in love with him.

    I think it would be disgusting to have s** with a woman.

  • F****** faggots !!!
    God intended Adam.and Eve NOT Adam and Steve !!!

  • Mmm I bet you would love to wrap ur lips around my hard 8 inches baby

  • Homosexual c***.Ugh !!!

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