Naked Drive

I put this in the s** category but it's not really about s**. So yesterday I decided to go get a bottle of wine. I had been looking at p***/reading Literotica. I have this thing about being nude (I love it). I decided that I was going to drive to the liquor store completely naked. I walked out of my house and to my car (I'm in a very secluded area. The only way anyone could have seen me was if they were driving by). From there, I drove to the nearest liquor store (about 5 miles). After getting my wine, I went to the gas station to get smokes. Before leaving the gas station, I undressed again. It was pretty invigorating.



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  • I drive naked on the interstate with my windows down so truck drivers can see me. I've even pulled over and let them play with my p****. It's very exciting.

  • I'm 18 and getting my drivers license soon. How did it go when you did that?

  • I did this twice with ex husbands. once near Moab Utah where it is pretty remote at night. 50 miles in the buff as he fingered me and drove. did it again between London ONt and @Windsor Canada. But recently did it with my shirt down exposing my 40c. t*** on Sunday morning at dawn in my large city. F*** it felt so good. I want to do it again I did this once up the mts with a f*** buddy. Lane of cars with teens making out. We got out he doggy me on the side of the car. so freeing isn't?

  • My sister drove me a mile from home naked on a lost bet. Told me I had to leave my clothes back home. Felt uneasy sitting in the back of the car with no clothes, but we lived in the outskirts of town and it was night time. Instead she drove 5 miles, right up the drive way of her boyfriends house and into his garage. "what are you doing" I asked her in panic. Discovered they were having a party and everyone stormed into the garage. I no choice but to walk in side stark naked and humiliate myself in front of a crowd. Exposed everything that night in front of laughing girls and a bunch of guys checking out my goodies before I got a towel. Spent two hours rapt in towel, so small it hardly covered my t*** and p****. Made no deference because they all had already seen everything and that's the way I went back home.

  • Lmaoo wow

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