Find and mug Luke

I know a guy from college, he's a pedophile who tried dating a year 7 boy, he was caught watching illegal p*** on his phone by me but nobody believed me, his name is Luke Barrat, he has black hair, a big chin and buck teeth, his last known address was bishop’s stortford, Hertfordshire, england, he has a camp Essex accent and is interested in performing arts, if you see him you wont need to pull a knife just beat the crap out of him, f*** you Luke, you f****** nonce



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  • This could be a set up. beware vigilantes.

  • Why do people believe this post. Its probably pure lies and smears. People are thick as f***

  • Take a good long look at the content in this site and express surprise again. Try to be more convincing this time

  • Turn him in.

  • People like.that need to have their.bollocks surgically removed without anesthetic.
    Please sir I'll do it with pleasure.
    F****** nonces

  • Please sir I'll do it with pleasure"?
    That's what your mother said last night, Trebek!!

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