Doing him a favour

So it all started last summer, i got myself into a bit of debt and started looking for a second job when i came across an ad for a causal house cleaner which was perfect for me.
When i got to the house for my interview i was greeted by a man in his early to mid 70s, long story short i got the job, 7ish months go by fairly uneventful then one day out the blue he said he'd pay me extra if i cleaned topless, after some thought i agreed. Nearly two years later its now progressed to me allowing him to c** on my t*** with the occasional hand job and iv let him lick my p**** a few times. I keep this a secret but im not ashamed, i feel like im doing him a goid turn lol

Dec 4, 2020

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  • Nothing wrong at all. Just enjoy what you're doing. You KNOW he is.

  • You have nothing to be ashamed of , your making an old fella happy keep it up

  • It's called being a prostitute

  • Lol i guess you can put it that way, i dont have s** tho so technically no 😘

  • 7 years ago I did the same with a man who was 60 and widowed for 8 years. I was 19 when it began. He treated me like gold. And to be honest he does not look older than 50. And his c*** still get rock hard is thick and he lasts a long time. We include s** in our fun after 3 month and he would takes me out a lot on "dates"

    Then 2 years after we started, one night at a bar a good looking woman his age hit on him. I got so jealous and p***** off I suddenly yelled at her "Get the f*** away from my man. You'll never give him what he needs or love him like me".

    I realized I loved him. That night we drove to Vagas got married and f***** like dogs. We have 2 daughters, I'm pregnant again with the 3rd on the way.

    I never realized I could love a man so much.

  • Because you are dogs

  • What an intelligent response, well done babes 🥰

  • I love this! Love comes in all different ways. Congrats on the pregnancy 🥰

  • You are a saint! Lol! You are making his old age worth living. I would have you clean my house with the same arrangements.

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