The things booze will do.

Two summers ago my niece got married, I attended the wedding with my husband and children, My kids were younger so my husband had taken them back to the hotel so I could stay and party with family. I had drunk too much and went outside for some air, I was sitting behind the hall and a guy came out, and we started talking, Turns out he is my nieces husbands cousin, He couldn't have been more than 20 at the time and I was 42 He started very obviously flirting saying he had been watching me dance etc.
I was feeling flirty and giggly so I played along and to be honest I was probably enjoying the compliments. Until...Out of the wild blue yonder he whipped out his c***, I was like "Whoaaaaa, Yikes, What are you doing?", He stood there in front of me with it sticking out through his fly and I looked at him, Shook my head no and he said "Oh come on, You gonna tell me that you don't want this?", I looked down and he had a p*** star c***, Yeah, Just huge and perfect, Curved upward slightly, and massive. I said "Ok, Well...I am going to go back inside now...Thanks for the offer but...No thanks".
I got up and went inside and was a little bit in shock, Had a few more drinks, He came up and apologized to me and we danced a couple times and then I said I was going to head back to the hotel which was three blocks from the hall. He offered to walk me and I said no but he insisted, Eventually I was like fine, Whatever and we left out the back door of the hall, We didn't even get across the street and he had me pushed up against a car kissing me, I pushed him back and told him no and we carried on. We crossed the street and cut through a green space that he said was a short cut and I don't know why I believed him because he didn't even live there but I stopped to take off my shoes and had sat on this thing, I don't even know what it was and by the time I got my shoes off he was standing in front of me with his c*** out again.
I thought about it, I mean I thought long and hard and thick and throbbing...I mean...Thought about it and looked up at him saying "I can't, I am married" He said "I will never tell a soul", He grabbed my hand and put it on his c*** and that actually probably worked more against him than anything because I was like "Yeah, Not gonna happen, It's been a lot of years since I had to deal with anything even close to that size but I already know it is not going to be fun the first time and this will never go anywhere past that". I did however think that maybe just a little touching would be fine, I stroked him and he kept trying to stick it in my face, I told him "No...Just hands" and he backed off for a minute, He had his hand on my shoulder and slid it down the front of my dress, I had on a strapless bra so eveything ended up getting pulled down, NO other man has seen my b**** in over 20 years and they are not a show piece anymore but he seemed to be enjoying them and I had gotten myself into a situation I was now wanting to be over.
I let him play with them and I jerked him I told him he had to finish not on me and he assured me he would, He stood between my legs and kept trying to stick it in my face, I sat back on my hands and told him to finish it and NOT on me, He reached down and didn't even take the time to see if I was wet, Just quickly slipped a finger past my underwear and in me, I gasped and grabbed his wrist but he worked his finger so I let go of his wrist, I was doing good actually, I was being fingered and having my nips played with but had forgotten that if he was doing all that he wasn't finishing the job he was supposed to be finishing.
I was getting REALLY worked up and then he F***** it all up, I was sitting there, Legs spread, grinding on his finger and moaning and he said "Your big hairy mom p**** is so tight, Your husband must have a small d***". EEEERRRRCCCCHHH brakes on hard, I was like "What?", He said "You are so tight", I pulled his hand off my b*** and put it on him and said "Hurry up" He pulled his finger out of me and started stroking himself while playing with my b*** so I had to take over below the waist, I sat up and he kept rubbing it on my lips and when I would turn my face he would rub it on the side of my face.
I was getting close and whispered that he had to hurry because when I was done we were done, I had pre come all over my lips and the side of my face and then he held my nip a little tight, It was just borderline Perfect/Painful and I started to come, I came and just finished when he whispered "I love your saggy little t***" and came, Oh...Yeah...Apparently he forgot about the time I said NOT frickin on me because he came a huge load on my neck and chest...I was so mad, I kinda lost my s*** a little and made him give me his tie, I used it to scoop as much off me as I could and threw it on the grass, I fixed my dress and underwear and stood up.
He grabbed me and tried to kiss me and I said "F*** off", He said "Whoa, What the f***", I said "Really...What the f***, Where do I start...Ok, Lets start here...1) I said not on me...Not on me...Are you ignorant or retarded. 2) Who the f*** talks like that? and 3) just...Just f*** off". He held my arm and I looked at him, and said "Let me go now or I will f****** throat punch you", He said "Wait...Just a minute please", I stood there vibrating I was so mad and he asked what he did wrong, I said "You are an Idiot", He said "seriously tell me" I said "My big hairy mom p****...Really????...You bring up my husband while I am jerking you off, What the f***...My saggy little t***...Oh yeah that's a turn on, For real...I would suggest that you never say those words in combination EVER again...To any woman ever...You couldn't have turned me off more except for when you f****** came on me which I specifically said not to do".
I walked away and went to the hotel, He basically walked a couple steps behind me the rest of the way and I just went straight inside, Thank god my husband was asleep so I sneaked into the shower, Put all my clothes in a laundry bag and never spoke of it until just now.

Dec 7, 2020

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  • You didnt cheat at all.
    And its a hot storry.
    You should have do more. or take a seperated hotel room for one night. just to have fun.
    ( i am male , just to say there is no gender groups fighting here)
    I agree as male

  • You cheated on your husband. You don't deserve to be respected.

  • Honey, you should have rode his c***. Sounds like it would have been a lot of fun

  • And i male , so no gernder protection groups here. its beyond gender groups. Its just good.

  • Thats right. there is nothing wrong on getting an O*****. aslong both agree.
    And it only do good and healthy effects ( for example Stress reliefe)
    Condoms for protection if want be 100% perfectly safe.

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