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I am stuck with someone so nice that i often feel like the villan , no matter what i do ,how much i try out of my character is looked down upon . i seem like the strongest person who doesnt care what people say but deep down i am so scared of being judged and looked like the bad person . i admit i am not too good of a person but when i am being genuine i give it my all . my feelings seems to be overwheming and out of control . what do i do? i fee we are not compatible but i am so scared of loosing a good person as friend and also being judged that i hurt him. what do i do please someone tell me.

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  • Be honest with yourself and with them. That's part of it. Also stop worrying so much about how you look to others because it's shallow, and take a long hard look at yourself. If you don't like how you are as a person you are free to change it. It's not easy all the time but it is possible. Your mistakes don't define who you are, but they don't just disappear either. "It is not the fall that defines the person but how they rise after their fall that does. This is the difference between the former, pride, and the latter, integrity. Walk with integrity and you will have trials and the chance to excede them, walk with pride and you shall fall to the abyss of false promises and gilded cages" - I don't remember the author or the book title but it seems to fit.

  • What should do? Ez be a better ** person. It takes no work to be an **, try a little harder to be a better person.

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