Double inhale

Smoking is my passion. I like smoking together with my kids. Since they were 11 the are seriously smokers. When I see them smoke they look very **. The are good smokers and put the smoke deep into there lungs.
Last weekend I told them that you have a great feeling of you inhale the smoke and before you exhale it you take another puff that you also inhale. So you have two shots of smoke in your lungs. The girls tried it and yes, they love it.

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  • Boys love to smoke because it makes them look tough and grown up - start by age 12 and they're in it for life. they need to realise that boys who don't smoke are cissies. a pack a day habit by 14 is easily attained if they're helped with the cost by adults buying cartons of cheap imported cigs - in the UK this means they can cost as little as £4 a pack of 20 or 20p each. most kids can manage that - so come on, adults help em get started!

  • Did u help your children start smoking ages ppd and what brands do they have children that smoke i have 3 children 8 10 12 1 ppd from john

  • Nice - I am also a parent who has helped my kids take up smoking and get addicted to cigarettes at a young age. I am also a person who was helped my my own mother to take up the habit when I was just a child and, for me it was the most wonderful thing that had ever happened to me. With my own kids, right from the beginning, I always made it clear to them how lovely smoking felt for me and smoked in front of them with as much pleasure as I could. t was no big surprise when my kids started to ask me about my smoking, one thing led to the other, and they each took up smoking when they were young - my son was nine & my gorgeous daughter was 7. Even though lots of people would think how terrible I was, for our family it was the right thing for us, and brought us all much closer together. That was a few years ago, and recently, with my guidance, my granddaughter who is just 5 has become a smoker and become addicted. I have never forced any of my kids to smoke, rather just made sure that I made them aware that it would be ok if they wanted to have a try. In every case, my kids & GD have fallen in love, as I did when I was young, with the sensation of smoking and the feeling of their smoke going into them and hitting their lungs. Even though my GD is just 5, she has taken up the habit with maturity and style. I know that, even though she is just a child, she obtains as much pleasure and satisfaction when she smokes as any hardened adult smoker, like me.

    And yes, we are a family that makes regular use of the double pump, which we all agree is a great way to feel the maximum hit that you can get. Double the smoke, means double the pleasure. If you would like to email, let me know and we can talk more privately.

    Lots a smokey kisses to you, Cathy

  • How many ppd do they smoke know and what brands

  • You hooked me & reeled me in. I did, in fact, read the entire tale. Getting close to the end I was ready to use profanity but then realized that your mocking your readers! Good job.

  • What's your email Karen - my name is Cathy & I think we might have a lot in common, the best email to use is my husbands which is - I have many very fond memories of my own, my kids and now my 5 year old graddaughter becoming addicted cigarette smokers as children. I would really love to correspond with you. Lots a love C **

  • Thnx for your lovely story. Nice to see how smoking bring people together. I like to e-mail.

  • Get help

  • Lol

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