An unusual night

I had been staying at a friends house that I work with. I had been giving him a ride back and forth to work and he was letting me stay at his house during the week. I was sitting in his living room while he and my niece( 22) were having s** in his room. I was still watching tv when she left and I told her I’d see her later. Unknown to me he had also came out and was standing beside the chair where I was sitting. He asked me what I was watching and when I told him there was his naked body right beside me.. his c*** still glistening from my niece. I looked away quickly but it was painted in my mind. He kept talking to me about the show but I could see it like six inches from my face just hanging there. I was suddenly hot with the thought of how I would love to taste my niece myself and her c** was next to my face. I joking said that if he didn’t move I was gonna j*** him hard. We both laughed.... but he never moved. I had never touched a man before now but just to prove my point I reached out and grabbed it. He jumped at first but didn’t pull away. I started to slowly stroke it..feeling it harden in my hands. Niether of us said anything we just looked at the tv. Finially I couldn’t stand it and pulled him to me and began sucking on that beautiful d*** of his. He gasped but then smiled and just held my head while he moaned. I loved it. I was getting to taste my niece(yummy!!!) and getting to suck my first c***. It was magnificent and them more I sucked the more he groaned till he grabbed my head firmly and shot his load in my mouth. Afterwards he took a shower and came out naked and said I should undress also. I did and we stroked each other all night long

Dec 16, 2020


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  • Damn that's hot!

  • Things like this proves that the devil and evil really do exist, what kind of demonic parents raised you people

  • Bro you gotta chillll

  • Faggots. F****** kill yourself.

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