Teen girl

I became friends with a guy through a mate of mine he showed me pictures of his 16 year old daughter and asked if i liked her to which i said she looked cute thinking that would be the end of it but the next time i seen him he showed me ones with her in her underwear and asked if i wanted to f*** her i thought he was joking but he wasn't she was waiting in his car and he called her in she was wearing a big long coat and when she shut the door she took it off and was completely naked showing her bold p**** and small t*** he said he will leave us to it and left i knew it was wrong but i picked her up with her legs wrapped round me and took her up to my bed and f***** her a few times im 40 and know people will gossip about me being with a teenager.

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  • Have fun.

  • Good for you

  • All men are turned on my teens especially schoolgirls it`s the softness of their skin and innocent tender look that turns us on, we don`t like wrinkled women, we f*** them cos we can`t get the teens..there are whores around my area that give a handjob in your car for $20 and some are 18 i occasionally get it done but the problem is they normally have a crappy attitude.

  • Yes I agree innocent look in a school uniform is a big turn on.

  • I can’t stop f****** her

  • This is brilliant and keep up the good work absolutely nothing wrong in this well done

  • Lucky man a hot sexy teenager

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