So Ashamed and So Excited

I'm seventeen and I met this guy about a month ago and since I met him my life is like a rollercoaster. We play chicken with cars on busy streets and we hitch rides on the back of trains. They stand there yelling at us but they can't open the door while the rain is moving.

Last night we picked up this s*** and she couldn't decide which one of us she wanted so we both f***** her. We're both pretty hot and never have trouble picking up girls. We Spit Roasted her and it was the most exciting experience of my life.

When she'd gone we were lying there naked and he asked me if I had ever sucked a c*** and I said no so then he asked me if I had ever thought about it and I said no and he laughed and said you wanna try it and I said no and then he said you mind of I try it and that seemed OK and I sad yeah.

It felt really good, better than a girl and then I was curious so I tried it and I liked sucking his c*** and then we both got pretty turned on and he wanted to f*** me up the ass and I said no but he got behind me and began to rub his c*** up and down in between my ass cheeks and that felt really good so I lay down and let him do that to me.

He tried to stick his c*** in my ass a few times and I said no and he stopped and he came in between my ass cheeks. Then I did the same to him and I kept getting really tempted to put my c*** in his a******. I didn't understand why I wanted to do it so badly and thought wow that must be how he felt when he was doing me.

He let me put my c*** in his a****** and I really wanted to f*** him but I just couldn't and anyway I came as soon as I put my c*** in his ass.

Now I think f*** me am I gay? So embarrassing. So ashamed.

Dec 29, 2020

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