Pandemic FWB

Glen and Kay are friends with my parent’s. I dated their son JT in high school. Glen’s a general contractor and when JT was in hs, he converted the den so JT could have privacy. Kay knew JT and I were having s** regularly. She’s open minded, made sure JT had a supply of condoms and said ‘use them’ so there would be no ‘surprises’ that could affect both our futures and left us alone. Kay treated me like like a daughter and we often shopped together. My senior year, she secretly took me to get on birth control. My strict parents would have freaked out if they knew!
JT got accepted into military college. We soon grew apart and called things off a few months later. We’re good and follow each other on Facebook.
Glen’s always off on Sundays and that’s the day Kay and him ride the motorcycle. Kay’s an EMT and started working every other Sunday so Glen asked my parents if I could go with him. At the time, JT was 16 and NOT going to ride on the back of a bike with his dad! LOL My parents didn’t mind and Kay let me borrow a riding jacket. It was a size medium and huge on me. I was going with him so often he took me to a friends leather shop and bought me a matching leather jacket and pants. Ok, I buy my jeans in the girls department at Target because I’m thin & short (4’ 10”). Glen’s friend took my measurements and custom made a pair. They are SO SOFT!
Since Covid, Kay works all the time but Glen’s at home more. His work slowed because people canceled or he couldn't get supplies for a project. I turned 21 this past may May and in my last year of college. The restaurant I worked at closed. I’m still living with my parents and unemployed.
Glen texted a few days after my b-day to go on a ride. Afterward, we stopped at the local bike bar 2 miles from home. You could say Glen’s a regular there. lol He wanted to be the first person to ‘officially buy’ my first adult beverage. lol Thankfully, they had White Claws.
4th of July weekend Kay was supposed to be off work and they were going to an outdoor concert at the bar. She got called in to work so Glen texted me. I’d planned on hanging with my bf’s mom because he was in the middle of a gaming tournament. She’s nice but the entire family is covid scared. They wear masks in their house so I’d have to wear one while I’m there. I can tell his mom get’s nervous when I visit too. btw; I met Ben met at the restaurant I worked at before it closed. We’ve been hanging out for a few months and never had s**. I texted to cancel. I got the OK emoji.
Glen and I rode by the bar and it was crazy packed and no one was social distancing! We didn’t stop and rode around for a while. We got back to Glen’s and I had a glass of wine. I got Glen a beer and he squeezed my butt! BUT quickly apologized. He said he does it to Kay often and kept apologizing. I told him it’s sweet he still squeezes Kay’s butt and I don’t mind. Things got flirty. The subject ‘how long?’ came up. Then we were having s** for the first time!
Covid numbers spiked and Kay’s exhausted when she’s home. The weather cooled off and we don’t go on rides. As a cover, Glen told Kay he hired me to clean for them a few days a week. The job got my parents off my ass too.
I know this confession sounds bad but we’ve talked it over. Glen has no plan to leave Kay and I’m not sure where my relationship is going. Neither of us are having s** right now so this is an easy option. Glen is an attractive 52 year old man and gets flirted with all the time at the bar. I’m sure he could hookup with one of them but it would be too risky and possibly get caught. I’ve known Glen for a long time and I’m very comfortable with him. Kay is like a second mother and best friend and I have no plans to jeopardize her marriage. Glen and I are just taking care of each other’s needs.

Dec 30, 2020

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  • Wow! You made me so WET. You are a lucky girl. There is nothing better than an experienced man.

    I had an older man I was f****** when I was your age. I had other guys my age and even slept with him while my husband and I dated. He was incredible.


  • Very sweet and beautiful. A very natural unselfish relationship.

  • Can i pick you up for a Bike ride

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