Is it ok to like my husband’s weight gain

I made a comment the other day to another post and someone asked some good questions that got me thinking. So I thought I would make it a full confession.

I am 33 and my husband is 32. We have been together for 14 years and married for 10. My husband was a skinny kid when we met in college - probably 150 at 5’8”. Over the last 14 years he’s put on a few pounds. Not all at once but a little each each year. Nothing crazy but he’s 285 now. So he could lose maybe 30 pounds. Luckily he carries it all in his belly so he isn’t sloppy looking. And he was an athlete when he was younger so he can carry the weight.

I’ve always struggled with what to think about this. I know the media and lots of people would say he needs to lose weight. And when people said something to me I always agreed. But I never thought he looked bad and in fact I think the weight made him look more mature. I think it is sad when you see an overweight kid but for a grown man to put on some weight is fine. And when we are together by ourselves - well, I like how strong and comfortable he feels. When comes home and I go to kiss him I stand on my tiptoes - I’m 5’2” and put my hands on the side of his belly and in lean into him and it just feels right.

Please no haters or snarky comments. If he wanted to lose some weight I would be fine with it - although the one time he tried was one of the worst times for us. But is there anything wrong with admitting that I like him bigger and enjoying him as he is?

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  • Wrong? It’s great! Have you told him how you feel? How did he react?

  • You should tell him how much you like it. My wife did, and it’s been incredibly ** between us since she dud

  • Absolutely nothing wrong with liking him bigger. Alot of women prefer larger men

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