Making fiancé gain weight

My fiancé and I have been together for about three years. We’re both male. When we first started dating, he was skinny with a bit of definition and I was in pretty good shape myself. I have had a weight gain fetish for as long as I can remember. Over the years, we’ve both put on a little weight. He’s probably gain 15 pounds (nothing major). I’ve put on about 30 pounds and have developed a belly and double chin. I am really turned on by the changes in our bodies and I have a fantasy that I make him blow up really big. I want him to get truly fat due to bad habits that I’ve made him adopt. I’ve already gotten him hooked on soda (he never drank it before he met me). He loves ice cream and we know that has a ton of calories. I want him big because of my bad influences and maybe I’ll bloat out some more along the way.

Jun 19

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  • I think the best way to make him adopt bad habits is by being the bad influence yourself. Overeat in front of him, be lazy, show off how out of shape you are becoming, and of yourse invite him to join in. Then he will be comfortable with letting go too hopefully ;) Good luck!

  • Definitely let yourself go so he's more comfortable doing the same. Getting fat together is so hot.

  • You should also teach each other to ** on command, ** your pants, don’t brush your teeth, stop bathing, speak no sentences without curses. Then head over to Walmart where you two clowns will fit right in.

    Disgusting pigs

  • Man ** are very **. I am a bi guy and that turns me on.

  • I starve my wife. Each day we weigh ourselves and mark our weights on a chart. I'm very controlling. I have her stand and twirl for inspection. I have her wear skimpy and revealing clothing. I praise her efforts and criticise any fat and make derogatory comments if she eats. I make her thank me when I have her fast.

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