I have this weird stomach growling fetish

Ever since I was a young boy I've had this fascination with stomach growls. I remember listening to my mom's hungry stomach growl and be so intrigued. Later on in life, I'd search up videos of female stomach growls due to my fetish. It's honestly really embarrassing and I've never told anyone.

Next Confession

I got a tight infant circumcision.

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  • There are a handful of losers on this site whose entire world consists of posting the same tired ** over and over and over.
    Go lie down in front of a speeding bus.

  • Boy calm tf down. It’s a harmless kink. Just because your insecure doesn’t mean you gotta bring everyone down to your level 🙄

  • Cant handle real feedback, go lie down in front of the next speeding bus!!! I agree with him

  • Dang... guess that really made you angry

  • Sick my ** and call for Gondor.

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