Pee in strange places

I like to pee in places where I am not supposed to. The first time I did it was in a doctors office. I asked for the bathroom and the receptionist sent me to one in the hall. It was down a side hall halfway through the building. It was late in the day and most of the other offices were closed. I got to the bathroom in the carpeted side hall and it was locked. I couldn’t wait so I peed on the floor and it turned me on a lot. I went back a week later when I didn’t have an appointment. This time I peed in the hall by a dentist office. I found an office building downtown that was a little older and didn’t have video surveillance. I peed in a hallway there and frequently went back and peed on some carpeted stairs. I saw a man peeing in the grass near the road recently in the middle of the day downtown, and it all started back up again. Today I peer in a full parking lot next to my car with people all around. I really enjoyed it. I want to do it again in an open public area.



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  • You can pee in a dental office anytime you like because there are some sick dentists that get their kicks out of watching their patients pee due to the fear they induce in their patients. Pee on the dental chair. You are more than welcome! They will let the poor dental nurses clean up the mess.

  • WTF kid? There is no such thing as a dental nurse idiot. There is dental technicians. There is no way a dentist is going to be happy if you pee in the chair or anywhere other then a toilet! Probably will be you last visit there as they would trow you out.

  • I was a qualified dental nurse. I should know! There are sick professionals out there that like to see their patients pee in front of them. Keep your shallow opinions to yourself because you can not judge without facts!

  • I love to pee too. Pretty much any time I have to stay in a hotel or motel, I pee on the carpet, usually in a corner or somewhere that's not too obvious. I've done it about a dozen different times and have always gotten away with it. Well, I guess I did; I never got a cleaning bill! I tend to only wear underwear when I'm on my period, and one day we were in a big furniture warehouse store and I was having to pee, so I flipped my dress so my naked ass was sitting on the sofa and let it rip! I got up and flipped to cushion. My bf and I laughed about that one for a long time.
    Have fun with your peeing escapades.

  • Another bunch of bull shitt! You have to put up a credit card for the room. After you leave and they inspect your room you'r responsible for any damage! And that would be damage not normal hotel stay. You would be charged for carpet cleaning or replacement.
    When I was young I have got drunk and got vomit on the bed and floor trying to get to the bathroom and been charged for it.

    What do you do? Sit in your moms basement and think the fake krap up?

  • I have known many people who have peed on hotel carpet and not been caught. They clean the rooms fast as possible. Not a thorough inspection including luminal and black light. Lol. I hope someone breaks into your house and pees in your living room you aggressive, angry, little man. I hope she’s stinky too.

  • I was the only person in an elevator when a girl who appeared to be in her late teens or early 20's wearing a fairly short dress got onto the elevator with me. She said hi and stood in the back corner of the elevator. I am a h**** old man and was trying to sneak peeks at her and eventually noticed a puddle forming around her feet. She just smiled as I watched pee running down her legs. I thought about asking if I could lick her clean but decided it would probably get me into more trouble than it would have been worth.

  • Do you go from anonymous rant and confession pages writing all this troll drool all the time like a nutter.

  • Do you go around reading things from people you think are trolls? Doesn’t this comment make you a troll?

  • Are you a guy or gal? I love love love to pee on carpet. I'm a gal, btw. I'm glad you discovered the pleasure of naughty peeing. But be careful, you can get in trouble if the wrong type of people see you. My favorite, before covid, was to pee at the movies. I loved those deep, cushioned seats. You have to wear black jeans. Then, you wet the seat a little to get everything wet so that the cloth is ready to accept more pee. Then, you can let go and empty your whole bladder into the seat. Sheer bliss. Black jeans make it hard to tell you're wet, and I never did get caught!

  • You are the reason I haven't gone to the movies in at least 25 years. I don't believe you but a woman with a little Incontinence is reason enough. Black jeans don't hide the fact that you pi ssed yourself, can see easy

  • Gal. And I’m glad I’m not the only one.

  • Bullshitt you are a guy and you keep posting this krap all the time here and on naughtyposts too. You are a sick fucck and if I saw you p****** in a stairwell I would kick you a$$ don't the stairs. Maybe drag you back up and do it again. Now go pee in your toy box kid.

  • I love this

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