In love with my boyfriends mother

I think I'm in love with my boyfriends mom. I'm not even in love with him, and yet his mother is always the center of my thoughts. I think I should tell you that I am bisexual, FtM, and a minor. You see, I have always seen him as a friend, and hes my best friend. But, when he asked me to get into a relationship I didnt know what to say. I said yes though, as he is a nice guy. My own mother has always been toxic and manipulative, so going over to his house and meeting his mother was a pleasant surprise. She was so kind to me, and beautiful too. Very youthful for her age, and shes got a pretty nice ass. It's more than just a milf thing though, because I am in love with her. her smile, her personality, shes just... perfect. sweet. Of course I'd never hit on her or be disre in any way, but i cant help but daydream of a life with her, cottages and cats and crochet... itd be lovely. a quiet life, with a woman 23 years older than me... a woman older than even my own mother. its wrong, I know, but I cant help it.

Jan 23, 2021

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  • I feel you ,please don't make wrong relationship with your boyfriend. In the end you will loss your boyfriend and your respect

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